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Bourgeois Acoustic Guitars are handmade in Lewiston, Maine. Dana Bourgeois, himself, oversees the production, wood selection, and voicing of his guitars. Bourgeois guitars have reliably high-quality wood selections and craftsmanship and will be the collector guitars of the future. Lead times to obtain them are getting longer since the pandemic, so if you see one you like grab it!

"I have had the honor to get to know Dana Bourgeois not only as a guitar maker but on a personal level, and he is the "real deal". His passion is making guitars. Dana is a smart guy and could be retired watching the sunsets from his porch in Maine. Still, he is continually improving the craft with innovations such as aged tone (AT) torrefied tops (He was an early adopter of this before it caught on several years later), and many other innovations and subtleties that really make the difference in tone. Dana is generous with his time and resources and genuinely wants to see others succeed and benefit from his extensive knowledge of guitar making."

- Jeff Looker, President, Acoustic Vibes Music 

Acoustic Vibes Music is proud to be a Bourgeois Guitars dealer since 2007

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