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In 1990, pioneering California luthiers Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson pulled up San Diego County stakes, leaving gigs at Taylor Guitars for new, wide open digs. The duo landed in tiny Tumalo, Oregon, just northwest of Bend, opening shop in what was essentially an old barn.But this was no simple mountain aerie. It was a laboratory and Breedlove and Henderson were bent on building better guitars by the most modern methods, developing advances like graduated tops, bridge trusses, asymmetrical headstocks and winged bridges which they employed in custom fingerstyle instruments like the soft cutaway C25 Northwest, which helped introduce Oregon myrtlewood to the guitar world.

In 1994, two years after the company officially launched their new designs, Larry’s brother Kim, with his own history of banjo making and marquetry behind him, relocated from the East Coast, joining as master luthier and eventually steering the brand through nearly 25 years of sonic metamorphosis, with breakthrough after breakthrough including everything from refinements of traditional assembly methods to radical new body shapes like the legendary, angular Master Class CM (designed by Terry Meyers).

Two Old Hippies, led by Tom Bedell, purchased Breedlove in November 2010, by which time the workshop had already moved to Bend, Oregon. A new, larger, facility was dedicated on the city’s American Loop in late 2012, becoming today’s home of USA-made Breedlove Guitars.

Acoustic Vibes Music is proud to be an Authorized Breedlove guitars dealer since 2007!

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