-Dale K.

I wanted to say thank you for such an amazing shopping experience that Acoustic Vibes offered me when I recently stopped in looking for an acoustic. I’ve never quite had such an easy, comfortable and helpful time trying out and ultimately purchasing an instrument before. Bernie went the extra mile with the service by not only changing the strings just so I could hear the instrument properly, but also pointed out flaws in the used item’s configuration that he offered to fix at no cost should I choose to buy it. Even though my price point and budget wasn’t “Boutique” level and I purchased a used item, I felt like I was being taken care of just as much as if I’d gone in to buy a Santa Cruz. Having picks readily available, along with the clamp tuners around at every seating area alleviated the frustrations commonly found when trying out guitars at virtually every other place I’ve been. The shop was clean, bright and well cared for. It’s a great place to explore options and various sounds when it comes to picking out an instrument that fits you. I had never heard of Acoustic Vibes until just that morning and didn’t anticipate actually purchasing from there. I even left to go explore some other options before returning and I’m very glad that I did. When it comes to acoustic guitars, you guys are #1 in my book and I’ll be sure to spread the word. Thank you again!

-Deb & Brad (Flagstaff, AZ)

“Hi guys! This is the guitar me and my husband just bought from you 2 days ago. I absolutely love it through and through. I have been playing it all day everyday. My husband also has an HD 28 from the 70’s and these 2 guitars sound so sweet together. We both wanted to say thank you again for your super service, the whole experience was a joy. And, we didn’t get to say goodbye to Nick and thank him for being so helpful to us when we first got there. Thank You Nick! We appreciate you all and all that you do. We’re going to tell everyone in Flagstaff what an amazing place you have. Can’t thank you enough.”

– Tim S. (Vacaville, CA)

“The Martin arrived today in perfect shape, in tune, and ready to play. My thanks go to all of you for your great customer service and knowledge. Your showroom layout, ample stock of guitars and the chance to play several guitars that appealed to me, combined to create the ultimate guitar buying experience. I have no doubt that I found the perfect guitar for my ears and playing style. Thanks to the entire acoustic vibes team for making the whole process a seamless experience”

– Mike F. (Ridgeway, VA)

“Just a quick note about my new Huss & Dalton TOM-M since I’ve had some time to play it now. Tell Bernie that he’s my new hero! The set-up is just perfect for me. It couldn’t have been any better if I’d been right there in the store with him. I think it’s even easier to play than my Santa Cruz that I bought from you in 2013. Wish he’d done all my guitars over the years. I guess there is a solution, next time I’m guitar shopping I’ll just buy it from Acoustic Vibes.”

– Talorgan W. (Auburn, WA)

“Where I live there is no place I’m aware of that sells high end mandolins, guitars, yes, but no selection of really good mandolins. I have had to rely on places like acoustic vibes to make my purchases. Over the years I have had dealings with many such places but none can compare with acoustic vibes. Every question I had was answered right away to my complete satisfaction. In every way, your customer service is amazing. What still leaves me stunned is the fact that an order placed on July 15th arrived early July 16th and at no extra cost. No one I have ever done business with has ever come close to that level of service. The phoenix neoclassical matches, and then some, all the praise I have been hearing about this mandolin for such a long time. It is really perfect for the music I play. I can hardly believe how good it is. Thank you with all of my heart for the great experience of doing business with acoustic vibes music.”

-Dave T. (Mesa, AZ)

“Jeff, Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to acquire this wonderful guitar. It is by far the finest instrument I’ve ever owned. As always you and your staff were helpful and considerate throughout the transaction. I continue to be a very satisfied customer and recommend your store to every acoustic guitarist I come across. God bless your continued success.”

-Mike L. (Pittsburgh, PA)

“I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday and, again, very much appreciate you opening the shop for me. I have been in a lot of guitar stores, including some pretty great high end specialty shops, but Acoustic Vibes Music is clearly the best. You do a wonderful job making customers feel welcome and at home. Thank you for your hospitality.”

– Doug M. (Phoenix, AZ)

“Just found me one at Acoustic Vibes! Breedlove Limited Edition Winter OM! THE guitar for me! I never even thought about owning a Breedlove! Great things happen when you walk in their door! Thanks, Jeff!”

– Dave N. (New Braunfels, TX)

“Thank you Jeff and your staff for the prompt, efficient and professional way you handled my purchase of a Kilpatrick guitar earlier this summer. Everything was smooth, routine and most important, the guitar is beautiful in looks and sound. Thanks again.”

– Sandy D. (Lockport, IL)

“Got the guitar today! It’s beautiful! Love it! The case is awesome too. I feel I got a great deal from you guys and will recommend your store to all my guitar junkie friends…… Thanks much!!”

– Bob P. (Dartmouth, N.S. Canada)

“Thank you for selling me the guitar; I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It arrived tis afternoon ahead of schedule. Thanks again!”

– Kent S. (Riyadh, Saudia Arabia)

“I received the Otis Taylor is record time and I have to say it is a magic guitar in perfect condition. The bonus for me was that I got the madagascar rosewood version when I know these are not readily available… I am extremely happy with the guitar and all of my dealings with you. Thanks very much!”

– Dawn F. (Guildford, VT)

“I wanted to let you know I just received the banjo. What can I say? Wow. What a great banjo! It plays like a dream and is beautiful too. I guess I am keeping it 🙂 Thanks for such an easy and enjoyable transaction. I maybe be in the market for another OME someday and I will look you up again.”

– Larry M. (Hamilton, NJ.)

“My Goodall arrived in perfect condition and it’s a stunner! I am very happy with the woods and the sound and the playability. I had not seen Honduran rosewood like this before. As James said, its pattern and color look more like koa than typical Honduran Rosewood guitars I’ve seen in the past. The guitar projects very well and sounds full and balanced, even with it’s not-broken-in yet Adirondack top. So I’m a happy new Goodall owner yet again! Thanks for your usual outstanding customer service. I appreciate the efforts of you and your staff.”

– John C. (Las Cruces, NM)

“I love the guitar. No chance you guys are getting this back. Thank you!!!!!”

– Joey M. (Korea)

“I love the guitars. Thanks for all you do to take care of the Air Force guy in Korea. Look forward to more purchases in the future.”

– Mike G. (Manlius, NY)

“The guitar arrived in fine fettle. It’s even more appealing than the pictures. Thanks as usual for your stellar service.”

-Robert D. (New York, NY)

“Just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived this afternoon and I just unpacked it. It is all in good shape and looks and sounds great. Thanks again for the terrific service.”

– Steve H. (Sewickley, PA)

“Thanks for your excellent customer service. It was nice doing business with you.”

– Kirk S. (North Liberity, IA)

“I really enjoyed doing buisness with acoustic vivbes. Jeff was the kind of saleseman that I like to deal with, he was not pushy and gave me time to play and decide for myself. I will say that your store is the best acoustic guitar store I have ever been in and the selection is out of this world. Every guitar I picked up was perfectly in tune and not like going into guitar center where the guitars are miss handled and not very inpressive(probably why I have never purchased a guitar there). Well thanks again for being a top notch business that is a pleasure to do buisness with.”

– Robert L. (Fountain HIlls, AZ)

“Thanks. I really enjoyed the way you folks do business. Jeff was great in showing me instruments and giving me time to play them.”

– John K. (Hillsborough, NJ)

“Got the guitar! Wow! Are you fast and efficient! I am definitely keeping the guitar, it sounds wonderful. I appreciate your professionalism! It was wonderful doing business with you. Thanks again for everything!”

–Tom R. (Greenbrier, TN)

“Well….The jury is in….this is my 2nd R Taylor, the first was a Style 1. I love and have already done a bit of recording with it. Thanks for a cool buyers experience.”

-Merwin D. (Camano Island, WA)

“Received my Banjo today. Beautiful banjo at a great price. Fast shipping and excellent in answering emails, outstanding service. My compliments to Acoustic Vibes Music and a very special thanks to Jeff and Kathryn. Thank you!”

– Steve Y. (Stoneham, MA)

“The Country Boy came, and I love it, as I knew I would. Very different guitar from my D1 A, each wonderful in its own special way. All the best to you and Acoustic Vibes. This was great service.”

-Dough G. (Hazelwood, MO)

“I want to say thank you again for my R. Taylor Style 2 #220. This instrument has become a part of me and I am bolder as a live player because of it. I really appreciate the customer service and follow thru. Will for sure be doing business with you my friend. All the best.”

–Glen H (Scottsdale, AZ)

“I love this store much to my wife’s chagrin. Jeff is a really wonderful person, knows as much or more about acoustic guitars as any of the high end sources our family has purchased guitars from, and is fair and honest. You won’t go wrong shopping at Acoustic Vibes. Just be forewarned, you are going to want more than one guitar! My kids and I are living proof, having purchased multiple winners from Jeff. Enjoy!”

– Jeanmarie Peschiutta (France)

“Acoustic Music Vibes is one of the finest guitar store I have ever set foot into. In 2007, I was on my way from Paris to Tucson, AZ. – I told Jeff I was looking for a bluegrass guitar, he took 10 instruments off the wall, put them on stands, intonated each of them and gave me all their specific details. I took all the time I needed and walked out with my dream guitar, a Collings D1A. Jeff is a great guy, very friendly, knowledgable, and always takes time to help.”

– Bart M. (Goodyear, AZ)

“I have had the opportunity to visit the store numerous times and have purchased a beautiful Taylor K22CE all Koa guitar from Jeff. I appreciate the wonderful customer service that all customers receive from Jeff and his crew. The luthier at the location (Bernie) is also the best around! Top notch store, top notch inventory and top notch crew. I will be a life long customer…”

–Timothy S. (USA)

“I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing 5 instruments from Acoustic Vibes over the years (3 guitars, 1 mandolin, 1 ukulele) and have been thrilled each time. The quality of the instruments combined with knowledge and hospitality of the staff is incredible. I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a fine instrument. My one wish is that I didn’t live outside of Arizona now.”

– Boyd M. (Seatac, WA)

“Thanks to everyone at Acoustic Vibes …beautiful selection of quality instruments under one roof and wonderful help and service from all….it was nice to see so many wonderful guitars to view and select from….I am hopeful my selection will be passed on for generations to come….in the mean time I get to enjoy the beautiful woods, craftsmanship….and tonal delight…thanks again..”

–Anne G. (Tempe, AZ)

“Great store! Definitely worth checking out! Fantastic inventory!!”

– Eian H. (China)

“Thank you so much You guys are so friendly and professional…I have nice experience for buying instrument with.”

– Dan G. (Tempe, AZ)”

“I just love the National 0-14 I purchased at your store in Tempe yesterday. Have wanted one for 20 years. Your store is incredible!!! The best selection of high end acoustic instruments I have ever seem. You have guitars I have once read about, yesterday I got a play a couple. Thanks.”

–Jack S. (Mesa, AZ)

“It is always a great time at your store! Best regards.”

–Mark M (Phoenix, AZ)

“Love your shop! Wish I lived closer as I would be in every week!”

-Marconias B. (Tempe, AZ)

“I am so glad there is a shop like this. …and I am still digging my Eastman guitar and mando.”

–Mike G. (Manlius, NY)

“Got my Custom Taylor. Everything looks correct and beauteous. It does brighten up a room!”

–Eric J. (Arizona)

“I was privileged to visit Acoustic Vibes Music in Tempe this week. I made an appointment with Jeff for an afternoon visit and he was a gracious host, letting me play anything and everything in the store for about an hour and a half. His inventory has to be the greatest I’ve ever seen. The walls of one room are lined with about 100 guitars from the top builders (not including the large selection of classicals filling the center of the room…or the mandolin/banjo room). It’s an amazing roomful of guitars. I’m a dread guy, so I focused on the Collings, Bourgeois, Santa Cruz, Huss & Dalton, and Goodall dreads. I’ll just mention my impressions of a few of the guitars that stood out. Collings DS2H – I haven’t played too many of these, but this one sounded great. Of course all of the 14-fret dreads sounded good too…but this was the best sounding Collings on that day. Collings CJMhA (Used) – I’m not really a CJ lover, but this one sounded good. There was some pay wear, so call Jeff for an in-hand description. Collings 001 MhMh – I’ve been curious about these mahogany-topped guitars and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t sound like I thought it would. It was quite responsive and the tone wasn’t that far from spruce. Martin D41 (Used) – Yeah, I never would have thought it, but this was an excellent sounding guitar. Lacked a little of the Collings low-E clarity and high-E bark, but it’s a good one. Breedlove DM Deluxe – Who’da thunk it? But this sapele/adi Breedlove sounded very good! It’s a different ballgame than their other offerings. Check it out. Breedlove Myrtlewood – Jeff handed me one of these guitars, but I can’t remember the exact model. It was in an alternate tuning and I wasn’t going to re-tune it. But it just sounded huge while I was strumming the open chord. The myrtlewood was impressive! Petros Dreadnought Cutaway – Jeff put this one in my hands…Wow! It sounded huge…Goodall-ish, but more so. This is the only Petros that I’ve ever played, and while the tone might not be what I’m looking for, there’s some magic in this one. SCGC DPW – This entry-level rosewood dread put some of the others to shame. There are some famous guitar stores in America, and I’ve been able to visit some of them, but Acoustic Vibes is right up there on my list of guitar shopping experiences. There weren’t really any vintage acoustics (at least when I visited), but the inventory is large, varied. and chocked full of the best guitars. You won’t be disappointed.”