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Jean Larrivee makes guitars his own way. He does not copy iconic body shapes but has innovated his own throughout his career. Larrivee body shapes such as the "LV" (Larrivee Venetian Cutaway) and many others set Larrivee acoustic guitars apart with their unique design. Jean is fanatical about wood and has told me (Jeff Looker, President AVM) many stories about how he has been able to acquire Moon Spruce from secret locations in some hidden forest only known to him in the Bavarian Alps.  Suffice it to say- the results back up his diligent search for the perfect tonewoods! Equally talented is Jean's wife, Wendy. Her amazing and artful custom inlays are a lost art that she has brought back into the spotlight of Larrivee acoustic guitars.
Acoustic Vibes Music is proud to have been a Larrivee dealer since 2017!

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