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George Lowden Guitars

Handcrafted in Northern Ireland from the finest Tone woods and Techniques.

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Vintage tone and style

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Traditional Classical, Flamenco, Crossovers.

Acoustic Electrics-All things Nylon String!

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Does your Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin ore Uke need repair?

We are a Martin Warranty Repair Center as well as a Taylor Guitars certified repair center We have a full staff of trained luthiers that can take care of many of your repair needs. Click on the "Make a repair Appointment" button below to schedule a time to meet with us and discuss your needs!

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Why buy from Acoustic Vibes Music?

Lets face it, there are a lot of options online to buy your next guitar or acoustic instrument. We want your business! From Nylon string guitars, Martin Guitars, Acoustic Electric we provide the best deals on the best acoustic guitar for your playing styles and tonal balance. We carry all of the popular brands of acoustic guitars with different body shape including solid wood. Check back frequently for any price drop on our acoustic guitars.

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4.9 Stars on Google and 5 Stars on Reverb. See what our customers have to say about us!

I had an order placed with Sweetwater but they didnt have the guitar in stock....Then I started to search and found Acoustic Vibes music. They had my guitar in stock for me and ready to be shipped!

Omayra Montes

Fantastic store with an amazing selection of gear and incredible staff.. . I have been involved with music for over 30 years and this was one of the best purchase experiences.

Alan Atchison

If you’re looking for an incredible guitar buying experience, this is the place to go. Huge array of options with excellent service.

Dean Haagenson

Wish I had a local shopclose to me(Denver) that was as good as this place.
Great customer service. They even sent a clip of them playing the guitar so I could hear how it sounded before buying.

Chad Cure

Extremely accommodating. Excellent quality of merchandise. If you live in Arizona check this place out. Or order something from their shop online. .... this was by far the best purchasing experience I’ve had.

Dominick Provenzano

Most impressive acoustic instrument store I've ever been to. Phil was really knowledgeable and helpful I bought my gf and I ukuleles at a good price they included free cases. Great place.

Ian Brown

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