Why should you buy a guitar from Acoustic Vibes Music?

Lets face it, there are a lot of options online, selling the same guitars and gear we sell. From the big box retailers to other boutique guitar shops like ours, to the myriad of private sellers on ebay and reverb. Why should you spend your hard earned money at Acoustic Vibes Music? Here are some reasons we think AVM should be your go-to for all things acoustic!

1. Everything you see on our website is in Stock ready to ship. We dont use stock photographs of generic instruments. We take actual pictures of the actual instruments we have for sale in our shop. Every week we get several calls from customers that had bad experiences with a big online website that took their order and their money only to find out it is on backorder for months.  Our inventory online is updated daily, so you know if you buy it, we got it. We invest in actual  inventory and have it ready when you call. Hard to believe right?

2. We are a brick and mortar store: Our instruments aren't stacked up in boxes in some warehouse in the middle of no where or a shop run out of your neighbor's garage. We are a real honest to goodness guitar store.  Our experienced and dedicated staff meticulously maintains the perfect humidity and condition of every instrument we sell. That means brand new strings and a professional setup to your specs before it leaves the door. We love what we do... really!

3. Every instrument is setup to your specifications. When you place an order with us, we call you to discuss your playing style and string preference before we ship it to you. Most of our customers cant believe how much we care about customer service and getting the instrument paying perfectly for you when it arrives!

4. No Hassle 48 Hour trial Period: When we ship you a guitar (because you can't come into the shop and try it first) we give you a couple days to try it out and make sure it is everything you had hoped.  If you keep it, great!  If not, send it back, no questions asked. We don't charge a restocking fee, but we will deduct the round trip shipping expenses we incur sending and returning the guitar to us. That's only fair. We know you will agree this is a great way to buy a guitar online. (We assume the guitar will come back in the same condition we sent it to you of course)

5. Every instrument comes with a case! Probably the number one question we get on a daily basis is: "Does it come with a case?" I am not sure why a certain unnamed very large Guitar seller we all know has pulled the "oh you wanted a case with that?"   scam for so long. All of the manufacturers (with the exception of some of the beginner and lower prices instruments) ship the guitars to us with a case included in the price!!  If you buy from us, a case is never extra- guaranteed!

6. Expedited shipping- We use Fedex or UPS shipping. In most cases we ship free. Shipping a guitar that is about 25 pounds, with a large box is expensive and it eats into our profit, but getting it to you quickly is worth it to us. Some stores ship your instrument by the slowest cheapest method available.  We try to get your new instrument to you in 3-4 days max clear across the US from us, and in many cases 2 days if you are closer to Arizona for no extra charge.

7. Knowledgeable staff. All of our staff is certified and trained by the manufacturers we represent and pretty much everyone here is a graduate from a multi year luthier (guitar building) training school,  If you aren't sure what to buy, our staff has the understanding of the manufacturers and guitars we carry to help you get the perfect instrument.

8. We service what we sell. We are a C.F. Martin certified warranty repair center and a Taylor Guitars service center, as well as certified to repair all the brands we sell.  We have a very busy and highly trained repair staff, here full time to service and take care of any repair or adjustment your purchase may need. If you need warranty work in the future, we will be there for you! If you need to bring in a repair please make an appointment.

9. We don't run "Sales"  This may not seem like a reason to buy from us but hear me out... When we first got started in 2007 we tried to compete with all of the lowest price shops on the internet. Most of those shops are no longer in business. What's funny is, when we did run sales our customers were suspicious about why we are discounting the instruments. "Is something wrong with it?" 

What we learned is that our customers are interested in premium service and a quality buying experience. Paying for professional top quality staff, investing in actual inventory and providing outstanding customer service isn't cheap. That doesn't mean we won't give you the best price we can, but we don't "price match" or do the 40% off game some dealers play. That is playing the short game. We are in this for the long haul and will be there for you in the future. As my mom always told me- "You get what you pay for" 

We provide the best experience buying a guitar you will ever have! Read our online reviews and you will see our customers love us. We invite you to join the Acoustic Vibes Music family!