What guitar does Ed Sheeran use?

Ed Sheeran is famous for his hits and simple shows. He uses an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal. These are key to his music. At first, Sheeran used a Dean Performer E. Then, he fell in love with Martin guitars, especially their dreadnought style. The Martin LX1 Little Martin was perfect for him. It's small, easy to carry, and sounds great. Later, he chose the LX1E for its special features like the HPL material and high-quality sound.

When Sheeran became a big name, he worked with George Lowden. Together, they made the Sheeran by Lowden line. These guitars are tailor-made for Ed. Models like Subtract and Equals are very special to him. Even with his own line of guitars, Sheeran still plays his favorite, the Martin LX1E. It's versatile and perfect for his shows.

Key Takeaways

  • Ed Sheeran started with a Dean Performer E acoustic guitar before moving to Martin guitars.
  • He favors smaller-bodied guitars like the Martin LX1 Little Martin for their portability and sound.
  • Ed Sheeran's go-to model is the Martin LX1E, known for its HPL composite material and Fishman electronics.
  • Sheeran collaborates with George Lowden to produce the Sheeran by Lowden guitar line, which includes signature models.
  • Despite his new guitar brand, the Martin LX1E continues to be an integral part of Sheeran's stage setup.

Ed Sheeran's Early Guitar Choices

Ed Sheeran's journey from busker to global sensation is marked by his evolving choice of guitars. He started with a Dean Performer E acoustic guitar. Then, he moved to a Martin Backpacker, showing his love for Martin guitars from the start.

From Busking to Stardom: The Martin LX1E

One guitar became key to Sheeran's success, the Martin LX1E. It's durable, affordable, and has a unique design perfect for him. This guitar's quality helped Sheeran rise to fame.

He liked it so much that it inspired the design of his own models. These include the LX1E "Plus," "Multiply," and "Divide." Each one matches a symbol from his albums.

The Iconic Little Martin

Even with his own guitar line now, Sheeran's link with the Martin LX1E remains strong. The Taylor guitar he sometimes plays isn't as iconic as the Little Martin. Its small size and great playability have made it famous. It's still being made, letting fans and new musicians get Sheeran's unique sound1.

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Ed Sheeran's Signature Guitar Models

Ed Sheeran teamed up with George Lowden from Northern Ireland. Together, they created the Sheeran by Lowden guitar line. These guitars are special because they are exactly what Ed dreamed of. They have unique features and a premium construction. For example, the Subtract edition uses Indian Rosewood and a Sitka Spruce top. The Equals edition has walnut on its back and sides. And the Autumn Variations edition uses walnut and sinker Redwood.

Every Sheeran by Lowden guitar is expertly made. They sound great and are easy to play, capturing the heart of musicians at all levels. For those looking at the top end, the Sheeran by Lowden W02 Acoustic Guitar is a great choice for its quality.

Ed Sheeran's journey with guitars has been amazing. He started with a Martin LX1E and moved on to his own brand. His line of signature guitars is named after his albums, such as "Plus," "Multiply," and "Divide." These models show how Ed has grown as a musician. They also show his impact on the acoustic guitar community. Ed used Sheeran by Lowden guitars for his albums Subtract, Equals, and Autumn Variations. This shows how much he cares about quality and a variety of good choices.


Ed Sheeran's guitar journey reflects his artistic growth, from a street performer to a music icon. Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1991, he released EPs on his own. These caught Elton John's eye in 2011, starting a successful career that includes hit albums.

He stays true to high-quality guitars that match his style. Sheeran prefers the Martin LX1E and his custom Lowden models. These are loved for their quality and design, perfect for his lively shows.

Sheeran's first signature, the Martin & Co. LX1E, is small and uses strong materials. It was affordable and tough, perfect for his early days. His later model, the X Signature Edition, offers advanced features. It works well for all kinds of performances, helping keep his sound big yet intimate.

He later teamed up with Lowden Guitars, resulting in the "Sheeran by Lowden" series. These guitars use a variety of woods to give different sound options. The S-03 has a Cedar top, while the W-02 uses Sitka Spruce. They are budget-friendly but still pro-quality, growing Sheeran's guitar legacy. Made in Ireland, they represent top-tier quality.

Starting from his first Martin LX1E, Ed's guitars show his music's depth and variety. These choices highlight his unique style. They inspire other musicians. Sheeran's guitars are a big part of his great influence in today's music world.

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