We love this Lowden F-34 (Sitka Spruce and Koa) - Heres WHY

Watch our youtube video for the full demo and review of this Lowden F-34.

The wood combination on this is Sitka Spruce on the top over a beautiful piece of koa on the back and sides. Holy moly. Look at the figuring in this piece of wood. Quite beautiful. I would. I would love to have a guitar like this in my collection. I can tell you that some other things that you'll immediately see on this guitar is this maple binding, which I really love. I really like wood binding on the guitars. I think it looks a little bit more natural. But when you also have something that is this color contrasting, it really makes the guitar body pop. I think it's a great feature on a guitar and really classy to look at normally for Lowden as we are going to see on the back and sides, we've got a mahogany neck that is a technically it's a five piece neck rosewood laminates in the center give it a little bit of extra stability over its life. And last but not least, my favorite Gotoh tuners. Again, very nice high ratio for very precise tuning on the front here. We're going to see a nice ebony fretboard and a Rosewood Bridge on here. The previous video that we were just doing was mentioning the f m guitar. Now the FM has a little bit of a narrower nut width than the F and some of their other bodied guitars. This is going to be more close to the 45 millimeter width. So if you're used to either a one in three quarters width or maybe even a one in seven eights, this is going to be for you. I wouldn't say that this is overly wide, but this is their wider option in terms of the nut width on this guitar. Something like this is going to be a great all around guitar. Sitka Spruce is going to be right, kind of in the center of the hardness of available top woods that we are going to see on guitars. So this is going to be great for either fingerpicking or strumming or a heavy player. If you are looking for a guitar that has a lot of character and a lot of overtones, I found that the loudness have a very complex and very rich sound. That's definitely a big departure from the normal American style build. So all of these loudness, we're going to feature a what's called the A-frame bracing. So as opposed to a normal American style guitar like a martin where we have usually the X brace juncture right here loud and actually moves this juncture a little bit farther back and makes the the angle a little bit shallower. So the X brace actually extends more into the waist and into the the lower out of the guitar. Now, with the A-frame part of the A four embracing, we're going to see large braces coming in this way. This is a definitely a differently built guitar than than, like I said, the Western style or American style guitar and definitely a different tonality that comes out of these. I think that these are fantastic instruments and definitely very articulate and a very rich sound. If you've got questions on any of the guitars that we are doing videos on or this guitar in particular, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here at the shop.