More About Pepe Romero’s Ukuleles and Classical Guitars

While many are familiar with the classic soprano ukulele, also referred to as just a ukulele or the “standard” in Hawaii, many non-musicians or those new to the instrument may be surprised to learn that there are no less than seven ukulele sizes, each with a unique sound and tone.

There’s the pocket, or piccolo, sopranino or sopranissimo uke, the smallest of all the ukuleles; the soprano, or standard ukulele; the concert, or alto ukulele; the tenor, or taro patch or Lili’u ukulele; the baritone or bari or taropatch; the bass; and the contrabass ukuleles. In addition to significant differences in size — the pocket ukulele is a mere 16 inches in length while the contrabass is double that at 32 inches in length — and scale length — from 11 inches for a piccolo to 21 inches for a contrabass — different ukuleles have different tunings, ranges and frets, which vastly increases versatility of this fun and immensely portable instrument.

Pepe Romero Ukuleles

Here at Acoustic Vibes Music, we sell the immaculately constructed and popular Tiny Tenor Pepe Romero ukulele, which is the result of a collaboration between master luthier Pepe Romero and ukulele virtuoso Daniel Ho. What makes the Tiny Tenor unique is that it’s a larger tenor scale ukulele built into the size of a concert ukulele, which significantly increases portability while keeping the rich sound of this majestic instrument intact.

For those with bigger hands or those who enjoy larger instruments, we also sell regular size Pepe Romero tenor ukuleles, which are a few inches bigger than the Tiny Tenor, but just as rich in sound and as beautiful to look at. We also have the Daniel Ho signature 6-string, which is kind of a cross between a classical guitar and a Pepe Romero Tiny Tenor ukulele. Full bodied and powerful, the D Ho 6-string sounds and plays more like a classical guitar, despite its shorter, 21-inch scale length, and is as great in the studio as it is in the backyard or on porch.

Pepe Romero Classical Guitars

But if you’re a classical guitar player and shudder at the thought of a smaller instrument, we also sell the exquisite Pepe Romero classical guitar. With a standard scale length of 25.6 inches, this beautiful instrument was designed by both Pepe Romero Sr. and Jr., and is modeled after Pepe Romero’s custom classical guitars. Built to exacting standards and with a traditional Spanish heel neck joint to improve sustain and tone, this Pepe Romero classical guitar is sure to provide decades of musical enjoyment to both novices and experts alike. Available in red cedar walnut or spruce walnut, this Pepe Romero-designed guitar looks as good as it sounds, and even non-musicians appreciate that.

At Acoustic Vibes Music, we love turning people on to the beauty and serenity of acoustic instruments. From Pepe Romero guitars and ukuleles to all sorts of guitars, banjos, mandolins, resophonic guitars and more, we have the selection and prices to appease even the most budget-minded musician. As we always like to say, it’s never too late to learn an acoustic instrument or to add that signature piece to your collection.

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