About the Martin SC-13E Special Ziricote at Acoustic Vibes

Hi, everyone. Phil,
here with acoustic vibes music.

So what I'm going to show you today
is this SC13 E special from Martin.

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So what I'm holding here is a new offering
from Martin Guitars, this is a
SE 13 E special,
so you may have seen this guitar
already out in the world.
What Martin did with
this guitar is they're kind of
making a little bit of a hybrid.
So a very nice, comfy,
almost electric style neck profile on here
and definitely a smaller, more streamlined
body that's a little bit easier to hold
and definitely won't feel like you're
throwing your arm over a big dreadnought.
Definitely a very comfortable guitar
to hold and play.
So the big thing that is different
on this guitar that we'll see
is that now they're offering this guitar
with Ziricote back and sides a little bit
of a departure from the normal Koa
that you'd see on this guitar.

Definitely a cool look.
I really like this area on the guitar.
It looks really cool.
Nice highlight between the mahogany
and the Ziricote right here.
The other cool thing
that I found about the SC
13 and the SC series in general is their..
is their new Dovetail style
joint here So the
neck joint, you can actually
adjust the neck pitch on the guitar,
which is very cool and an easy job to do.

If you find that you're that, you're
wanting to have a little bit
of a different feel or change action
that allows you to make your action,
adjustment and neck projection
through through adjusting
the neck joint angle.

That also doesn't force you to do anything
with the saddle, so that's going to be
a nice feature for retaining that nice,
steep break angle.
As the string comes up over
the saddle, more break
angle is going to be more tone transfer.

It's going to be a louder guitar.
It's going to play better, sound better.
The other thing is that you're going to
see on this guitar are ebony, fingerboard
and bridge, as well as head cap.
But one of the cool things
that I've really noticed on this
guitar is going to be the tuners.

So we are going to see these skeleton key
tuners, as Martin calls them.
But what I really freaked out about
when I took this guitar out of the case
was the multi ratio tuners.

So an advantage to this is that each each
string as you tune it up is almost going
to take the exact same amount
from string to string.
That's going to be really useful
because then you don't
have to kind of retrain your
your brain on how much each peg
is going to move
to make a certain change in a string.
And I think that's a really cool,
really cool upgrade
that you're going to find on this guitar
and not necessarily something
that you're going to find on all guitars.
I've seen a couple of companies
make upgraded tuners
with multi ratios for different strings,
but to see this come from factory
with this setup, very cool.

This guitar is super comfy to play.

You'll find that
making chord shapes all the way up
and playing a fast
lead is going to be really easy.
Definitely a departure
from your normal traditional guitar build,
but a nice option
if you're looking for a hybrid guitar
where you can not only play
some electric riffs
but also get after it
a little bit strumming wise

, I might add that
if you are interested in
in getting this guitar
and or making any of these
adjustments, these
should be done by an authorized service
center from Martin.
There are specific hymns that go in there.
Pretty sure that Martin doesn't
want you messing around in this neck
joint without without proper
skill and education.

If you've got if you've got
any other questions on this guitar,
please don't hesitate to reach out
to us here at the shop, I've got contact
info down below,
as well as a direct link to this guitar.

Thanks for watching.