All About, and a Review and Demo of Larrivee SD-40R at Acoustic Vibes Music

So today I'm going to show you
this Larrivee SD 40 R.
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So this guitar that I'm holding here
is a Larrivee SD 40 R.. the R in the name is referring to this
very lovely set of East
Indian rosewood back and sides,
and the SD in the name
is referring to the
the slope shoulder dreadnought shape.
one of the other cool
things about this guitar
is that it's got a twelve fret body joint.

So the things that we're going to see
when we have a twelve fret body
joint is that everything's
going to move down towards the
the rear end of the guitar here.
And what it ends up doing is putting the
bridge more into the center of the belly.
It drives the top a lot differently.
It's more of that sweet spot.
It comes at an expense of access
to your higher frets, but most of us
don't make any money up there anyway.

You'll find that this is a really lively
and punchy guitar, and if you're somebody
that wants to get after it a little bit
on their rhythm and still have plenty
of plenty of volume and boom, this
is going to be a great guitar for you.

So we also are seeing very nice maple
binding all around the guitar on the top,
the back and also the fretboard here.

Really nice feature.
I really like wood binding.
It kind of makes everything pop
a little bit nicer than than a traditional

I've Freud or a faux tortoise binding.
You'll see a very nice pick garden here
and nice purple and rosette on here.

That's not too overstated.
This is a perfect guitar for me.
I usually don't gravitate towards
the very blingy guitars,
and this is more
something a little bit more simple.

You also see very nice
open gear tuners on the back
with nice little engravings that will.
We'll zoom in and show you guys very nice,
comfortable neck curve,
as well as this satin
and matte finish on here.
The matte finish is going to be nice
for not making too much noise
so your skin doesn't squeak on it
as much as you might see a gloss
finish do, and a matte
finish on the back of
the neck is going to allow your hand
to slide around really easily.
It's also got very nice inlay on here,
so you'll see that
there is a little bit of a vine inlay
that is inset behind the layer of a logo.
Really classy. Not to overstated
one of the other things that of does
with their guitars that I really enjoy is
if you are going to
install electronics in there,
the the end of the guitar
is already sized for an end pin jack
right at that half inch diameter.

This little Alan key comes out
and there's like a little
peanut in the back,
which makes installation a breeze,
especially if you don't have a riemer
to go to the right size.

If you've got any questions
on this guitar, please don't hesitate
to reach out to us here at the shop.
I'm going to have links down below
not only to this guitar,
but to our shop and contact information.

Thanks again for watching.