Why We Love the Martin D-28 at Acoustic Vibes Music

Today were discussing the standard production line Martin D-28 

Watch our Youtube video for a demonstration and the review of this guitar!

I think this is a great example of this guitar that Martin did a great job with. Not much different about this D28 compared to some of the other ones that you may have seen out there. We've got a standard Sitka Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides just like you'll see on most D28. Got a standard neck profile on here standard scale length very nice Grover open back tuners on the back of this no need for an upgrade in the future. If you're looking to change those out, you might be looking at something with a different ratio, but definitely not necessary on this guitar. While we're looking at the back of this, we've got a very nice volute that we see on here with a very nice curved headstock very traditional in the way that we're that we're looking here and definitely some added strength for the headstock and the neck right here on the front, we're going to see Ebony Bridge and Fingerboard, some traditional dart inlays at the at the common places that you'll be seeing them three, five, seven, nine, 12, 15 and 17 here standard 14 fret body joint. We're also going to see on the front this nice black, white, black Purfling here that's going to repeat itself on the rosette, very traditional looking guitar, awesome guitar. If you're looking for something that's definitely in the more traditional category without getting too crazy with inlay or or with nontraditional, exotic woods, I think this guitar is going to be a great guitar for somebody that wants to maybe play some bluegrass or if you are somebody that likes to sing along with your music. As we previously discussed, Rosewood has a lot of Top End and a lot of bottom and not necessarily a whole lot of midrange content, which is very nice if you're a singer songwriter because it's going to leave plenty of room in the middle for the human voice. And this is a great guitar not coming in at too much money and definitely a great example of the classic D-28 from Martin. If you've got any questions on this guitar give us a call at 480-656-7749 or send us a message!