Why should you buy the MARTIN D-15M? Let us explain.

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We're not kidding when we say we love the D-15M from Martin. It's a little bit different than what you might see on a number of different guitars. We're going to see a hardwood top on this. This is actually an all mahogany bodied guitar. We're going to have mahogany on the top back and sides. So this is part of their 15 series, Martin's 15 series, I should say. And it's a very simply built guitar. But just because it's simply built does not mean  It's not a great instrument. This is a fantastic instrument. One of the things that I really like about these satin finishes is that the finish is very thin and these guitars are very lively and very resonant. It's a nice, open sounding instrument. So in addition to the change in the top deck, we're going to see a little bit different in terms of the the materials that are used on the bridge and the fingerboard. We're going to see a rosewood on the bridge and fingerboard, a little bit of a warmer sound compared to Ebony . And the big thing that we are looking at is the mahogany top. So when we start changing the wood on the top of the guitar and start changing it from what you normally see with like a Sitka spruce, and we start playing with a harder wood on the top, what most people find is that it's a little bit more subdued on the high end frequencies or the top end. But what you lose on the top end, you're going to gain with a lot of mid-range power. So this guitar is going to be great for somebody that wants to really lay into it. Strumming wise, it might be great for a very powerful player. I wouldn't necessarily put a very like fingerstyle player on here, but this is definitely going to come to life if you are a rhythm player or somebody that really likes to have a heavy strum and dig in a little bit on the back here, we're going to see some very nice Grover open back tuners. These are great feature on this guitar. Definitely no need to upgrade these in the future. We're not seeing too many blade options, or I should say we're not going to see too much inlay or any any really fancy features on this guitar is definitely more of a more of a simple looking instrument. But you'll find on this that this is going to be a very nice, versatile guitar for, again, somebody that wants to really have a heavy hand or somebody that really wants to play some big powerful chords. I think the hardwood top gets plenty of projection and plenty of power out into out to the crowd or out into the room, if that's where you're going to be playing. If you've got any questions on this particular guitar please call us or leave us a message 480-656-7749 or visit our website too see what we are offering!