What You Should Know about the McPherson MG 4.5 Guitar

Watch our Youtube Video above to hear the demo and the review of this guitar! Today we have a McPherson M.G. 4.5. Now what that means the MG is a standard model, but 4.5 denotes the body thickness. There's a range of thicknesses that McPherson makes from three inches to five inches. This is a 4.5 inch, so it's one of the deeper bodies. The nice thing about McPherson guitars is they have a very large soundboard. So just like a dreadnought guitar has a large soundboard, so you get a nice dynamic range. The McPherson gets the same sort of surface area without sort of the dreadnought bulk and this upper area where you play. One of the nice things about McPherson's is they have a cantilevered fretboard. You can kind of see that. And so the fretboard doesn't actually touch the top. Now, this isn't something new that McPherson does. Violins have done that for years. Other guitars manufacturers have done it. But McPherson does it in a very elegant way. The guitar itself is very it's kind of a hefty guitar. And most of the heft, I think, is in the truss rod that's in the neck. They use a carbon fiber truss rod, very large carbon fiber truss throughout. It's not adjustable. McPherson sets us up, so that doesn't really need to be adjusted towards not going to move. But they all play just fabulous. The other thing about McPherson, they have this offset sound hole. Now, there really is no reason that a sound hole has to be in the center. It's just basically an escape chamber for for the sound that comes out of the guitar. And I think it's a great look. McPherson's also kind of came out of the bow and arrow making industry. Matt McPherson made bow, and arrow was very high end bow and arrows, and he really learned a lot about materials and flexibility and dampening and all the things that go into bow making. And he's transferred the that knowledge into his guitars. So the the bracing for example on the McPherson it's it's a compound bracing it's highly sculpted it's it's layered it's different materials sandwiched together to get the optimum tonal effect from the bracing. So this particular model has kind of a I guess it's a trademark. I mean, most of the McPherson's we get in have this flame KOA binding is very lovely, very highly figured. The fretboard is ziricote as well. The bridge, though, is ebony, just for its tonal qualities. Nice, simple inlay. At the 12th fret the tuners are gotoh five tens - gold ones. It's got a nice back strap of their coating as well. Just a lovely combination of woods. This redwood that's on the top is from California. It's to reclaim blown down. It's not a course actual cut redwood. It's kind of salvaged. So it's probably hundreds of years old. Very beautiful tonal quality to the reclaimed Redwood also has a la Baggs pickup system with the sound hole volume control. The back of this is ziricote which is a I think tonally it's it's probably a lot like Brazilian rosewood in my experience, but it's a Central American wood, central, kind of Mexican, Central American wood. And of course, this is sustainably harvested as well. So if you're interested in this guitar, click the here to purchase, and click here to browse our Entire McPherson Collection.