What happens when you buy a guitar from us?!

Whether you have your eyes on a Collings, Santa Cruz, Taylor, Martin, Breedlove, or Guild (for example), we want you to have a first class shopping and buying experience with us! We wanted to share with you the process that will happen when you purchase a guitar, especially for those who purchase through the website!

  1. After purchasing your guitar, you’ll receive a notification as a receipt of payment.
  2. The next day you’ll receive a phone call from us to confirm address, phone number, email, and all the important details so your instrument can arrive quickly and safely into your hands.
  3. We’ll also chat with you about your setup preferences, strings, and for what you’ll be using your instrument.
  4. After we’ve learned about your music playing needs, we’ll get your instrument ready and ship it within two days!
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation from us via emailwith the tracking information.

We hope that this process is as flawless and beautiful as the great instruments in our store! We look forward to serving you and assisting you in picking out the finest instrument!