What are the Specs of a Taylor Guitars GT 811 ?

Whats special about the Taylor GT-811?  The GT series is their grand theater series. So the new GT or Grand Theater series is a new body shape that Taylor introduced recently. And this is going to sit in between a grand concert and a GS mini sized guitar. This is a little bit bigger than a GS mini, but definitely a little bit smaller than a grand concert. The other big thing that the Grand Theater does is it splits the difference between the scale length on those two instruments. The grand concert body size is going to have a scale length of 24 and 7/8inch and the GS Mini is going to be at 23 and a half inch scale. Now this kind of splits the difference between the two at 24 and 1/8. So being that we have a very short scale length in a very small body, this is going to be a very comfortable guitar or a great guitar that's going to be great for traveling or somebody is has rather small hands. Not really necessary for a guy like me. I do not have issues making large stretches, but if I do need to very easy on this guitar. So that kind of came out of the necessity to have a very small body of the guitar that was going to be all solid woods and made in America. The GS mini guitars are going to have laminate back inside the solid top and made in Mexico. So this kind of filled that little hole, if you will, that Taylor was kind of missing with their American made guitars. Now, a few years ago, Taylor introduced what they call V class bracing and V class bracing in a nutshell, is going to have two longitudinal braces that are going to splay up from the from the tail block and extend basically into the shoulders of the guitar, giving a lot of longitudinal rigidity on the guitar and then actually separating each one of those zones into a more musical area as opposed to an X brace, which is going to divide up the top essentially into four zones. So what the what Taylor did with the grand theater guitars is they modified their v-class bracing a little bit. And there's actually only one longitudinal brace that's going across the top. They call this the C class bracing and that's for cantilever design. Definitely a departure from your normal X brace style guitar and definitely a little bit of a modification compared to their V class. Bracing. This is only going to be found on the grand theater guitars and definitely a nice guitar. If you are looking for something that is a high quality instrument, easy to hold, short scale, good for travel. This particular guitar, though, is going to be at Taylor's top of the line. This is an 800 series guitar. So definitely all the bells and whistles that you would see on a regular 800 series are going to be on this. This is going to feature a Sitka spruce top over Rosewood back and sides. Pretty typical for a normal 800 series guitar normal mahogany neck. And while we're looking at the back right now, this is kind of a newer addition that Taylor has been doing on some of the models on their guitars. These are the black nickel tuners and definitely a nice departure from your normal gold or silver and chrome options. The ebony that we're seeing on the fretboard and the bridge as well as the the head cap veneer, are a standard feature on Taylor Guitars and specifically on the 800 series. What I want to say about this guitar is I feel like this series has been a little bit misunderstood because it's kind of sitting a little bit between their full size guitars and the really small gas mini. But if we're looking for something that's a very comfortable and easy guitar to play, as well as doing any sort of traveling or moving around or you want to have easily transportable gear, this is going to be a great option. And then to mention again, if we've got a newer player or maybe a player with a little bit of a smaller hand, this is going to be a great option for them. I love this series of guitars and I highly recommend you check them out. Please give us a call at the store if you've got any questions about this guitar!! Check out our entire Taylor Collection