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This Is Yaoundé

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Cameroon and the Congo Basin Rainforest

Located on the western coast of Africa, Cameroon is a nation of unparalleled beauty and biological diversity. Mount Cameroon, in the west, is one of Africa’s largest volcanoes, reaching 13,255 feet; to the north of the country, savanna and semi-desert extend to Lake Chad; to the south, lush tropical rainforests form the northwestern boundary of the Congo Basin forests that store 40 billion tons of carbon, second only to the Amazon Basin. Cameroon is also a country on the front lines of the fight against poverty, and its people and resources are vulnerable to a changing climate. Its rainforests alone cover approximately 46% of the national territory and account for 11% of Congo Basin forests. It is home to some of the richest biodiversity in the world. Many of the country’s plant and animal species are found nowhere else in Africa. These include 9,000 plant species, 910 bird species, and 320 mammal species. Cameroon’s people represent an incredibly diverse culture, vibrant and resilient, and connected to the land through agriculture and forest ecosystem services.

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