The American Dream Series! Taylors AD17 and why its a great addition to your collection

Hey, everyone. Phil, here again
at acoustic vibes music.

Today I'm going to show you
this Taylor AD17

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So this AD17 I'm holding from Taylor
is part of their American Dream series,
and the American Dream was come up with
in last last two years.
More specifically, last year, in Taylor's
effort to try and build
an American guitar all solid wood
for under $2,000,
and they succeeded greatly at doing this.
This guitar is going to be there
their Grand Pacific body shape,
which is a slope shoulder dreadnought
and this is going to feature spruce over
open call and open
call is a nice substitute for Rosewood.
Tonally, very similar to Rosewood,
but it's a little bit easier
for everybody to source
and to and to purchase.

The biggest thing
that we're going to see about this guitar,
if we look closely,
is there's no binding on here.
Taylor does a great job of having
very nice glue joints, and what they have
done is actually outright
outside the Purfleet on this guitar.
They actually stain the spruce,
so it gives you a appearance of having
binding, and it doesn't really cheapen
the appearance of the guitar.

Very, very nice and also allows them
to produce this guitar
at a much lower price point.
Some of us might be asking, Oh, well,
if it doesn't have binding, does that mean
that it's a less
nice guitar? No, it doesn't, really.
All their other binding is doing
when there's binding on a guitar
is just hiding that glue joint,
and Taylor is able to do that actually
by staining the outside layer of spruce.
So it actually hides it quite well.

We're going to see standard scale
length on this guitar.
Nice factory, Taylor tuners.
This guitar is also offered from Taylor
with electronics.
This particular one
does not have them installed,
but we do have one with electronics
available as well.

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