Taylor Guitar’s Heir to the Throne

“……Finding a successor has to be a big hurdle for anyone who has built a hugely respected company, and as Taylor Guitars reached its 35th anniversary several years ago, Bob Taylor faced precisely that dilemma when thinking about someone who could take the reins and create inspiring instruments for decades to come. Bob called it his “dear god” letter, in which he wrote out a list of qualities such a person would have. As Taylor recounts, it went something like this: “I need a guitar maker who’s a better builder than I am, a pro player, is self taught, has 20 years of experience, is in his 30s, and can make a lifetime commitment.” A wishful list for sure, and one that Bob says he put away for a year or so until a chain of events led him to spending an afternoon with an extraordinarily talented builder and guitarist in the San Diego area named Andy Powers…….”

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