Specs and Review of the Taylor Academy 10 Guitar

Today we are reviewing this Taylor Academy 10
Taylor's Academy series is their entry level guitar.
That's right Where you start
getting into the the Taylor line.
These guitars are made in Taylor's Mexico factory and feature
a solid spruce top over laminated superlight back and sides.
I think this is a great guitar
for not too much money.
I think these are going to be
a very consistent and stable instrument.
I notice that all the Taylors are
some of the most consistent guitars
I pull out of the cases here at the store.
What we're going to see here on this
guitar is a very simple build.
And on the back and sides,
we are going to see this
laminated, supple, which has a very nice
grain figure on the back here.
We're going to see a maple neck,
which is going to add some super stability
to this neck over there
over the lifetime of the guitar.
And last but not least,
my favorite part of the Academy
series, Guitars, is going to be
this arm rest bevel.
And you really only see this
arm rest Bevel on the Academy
series guitars from Taylor.
And then you also see it again
on their eight and 900
and then presentation series guitars.
The reason that Taylor can do this
on their Academy series is
because these guitars don't have bindings.
So this is actually
a really easy process to do
by having a solid piece of wood laid
in on the inside of the guitar
before you put the top on
and then root this section off
with a router and a template.
This actually is a very easy process
to do during the build process
and very nice feature to have,
especially on a guitar.
That's more of an entry level price point.
Something like this
is going to make it a lot easier
as you drape your hand up over the top
and you're not going to have this edge
kind of digging into your arm.
I found that a lot of players really
like this feature on on these guitars.
Definitely makes it very comfy to play.
And almost once you've experienced it,
something that people don't
want to give up or move away from.
The rosette on this guitar
is a three ring rosette
and it's got almost a rope style
inlay here, which is a nice feature.
Nothing too crazy there and very simple
basic dot inlays on this guitar.
This is a definitely,
definitely a nice workhorse guitar.
It should be a great guitar for anybody
that is looking for a nice
entry level guitar
or something to learn on.
When I unboxed this this morning,
I was really impressed
at how lively and how resonant
a guitar at this price point is.
Grab yourself one of these incredible guitars. You wont be sorry!