Santa Cruz RS Model Demonstration and Review

This is a special Santa Cruz Guitar Model called the RS.   The R. S is kind of paying tribute to a very famous player, Roy smack, and this is kind of modeled after his famous guitar. What we're going to see here on this instrument is a slope shoulder dreadnought. So we'll notice that the shoulders on this instrument are not as square as a traditional dreadnought. Generally that yields a little bit more midrange out of the instrument compared to a traditional square shouldered shape. The other big thing that we're going to see on this instrument is a 12 fret body joint. So that combined with the short scale, when we have a 12 fret body joint and we move that distance in towards the towards the body, we're going to find that all of the bracing and the bridge has to move as well. So we also see that the bridge is going to sit more in the sweet spot of the belly of the instrument and drive the top. And a lot more of an active way comes in a little bit of an expense of not being able to access these higher frets. But most of us aren't spending any time past here on an on an acoustic guitar. So like I said, we do have a short scale on this instrument, which is nice and easy, nothing too crazy in terms of tension under that, under the fingers and on the strings. And the biggest thing that you can't see until I start flipping over the guitar is this has a very deep body. So definitely deeper than your traditional dreadnought, you're going to have a little bit more bass content in a bigger box is going to yield a little bit of a bigger sound and a little bit more bass on the front of this. We see a very beautiful sunburst on here. There's a very traditional looking sunburst. I think that Santa Cruz did a great job with this guitar. If we start flipping this over, we're going to see some nice Waverly Tuners with Ivroid Buttons, which are a nice, classy touch to an instrument that has this kind of coloration and color motif going on in a very nice pattern, perfectly right inside the binding here, which really makes the body lights pop on this instrument. I think this instrument would be a great guitar for somebody who's looking for a really strong powerhouse of an instrument. This is going to be very lively and very strong sounding. If you want to check out any of our other guitar listings, please visit our website. If you enjoyed this blog post or our video above, please subscribe to our youtube channel.