Reviewing the Specs of the Breedlove 12 Edge Burst String Discovery Series at Acoustic Vibes Music

Hey Everyone, Welcome back to our Blog.

Today we’re discussing the Breedlove Discovery Series. 

This is a concert size guitar and twelve string option from Breedlove, It’s a little bit more towards their entry level in price point, but a great guitar

and definitely something valuable in your collection of guitars!
So what we're going to see on this guitar is  a very nice spruce top

over African mahogany back inside.

It has got some really cool figurines going on in here and accented by some nice black binding. 

Stock from factory in this guitar is going to have a Fishman system.

This is a an under saddle pickup  and you've got a couple of
different options on here. It’ll give you a bit of a different IQ curve.
And there's also an onboard tuner, which is quite nice to have these days.

On the back we’ll see some close back tuners, and they are engraved with the Breedlove logo.
This head stock shape is really nice because  we're going to get a nice straight
path from the nut to the tuning pegs up here.This is a great sounding guitar for not too much money. This Guitar an interesting burst-  it gets really dark towards the edge and fades in towards the natural spruce color in the middle.

It also features a characteristic of many Breedlove Guitars which is
that back feeding bridge. So you're going to feed the strings through the back end of the bridge,

which is eliminating the need for for any sort of bridge pins in there.

And that's a nice feature if you're looking to have a little bit  of an easier time restraining your guitar.

It  is a great option from Breedlove, so don't hesitate

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