Our Review of the Cordoba "Rodriguez" Master Series Classical Guitar [Demo Included]

Cordoba “Rodriguez” Master Series Classical Guitar Review & Demo

I'm going to show you today something really gorgeous-- a Cordoba, Master series, Rodriguez Classical Guitar that we just recently got in.

All of the Cordoba Master Series guitars are essentially recreations of very famous nylon string builders, and they're models from yesteryear. So this particular model, the Rodriguez, is built in the same fashion that where you would see a very old or original. RODRIGUEZ the bracing pattern. These stylistic points on this guitar are essentially a recreation or a tribute to that original Rodriguez model. So what we're going to see on this guitar is traditional no fretboard inlay, only two side dots. Usually I will see them either on five or on seven. We have both here, but that's pretty characteristic for most. Nylon string guitars and most classical is in general a very ornate rosette in here with some very cool pixelated flowers . We're going to see a Rosewood Bridge that's sitting on top of this Cedar Top, and that's Cedar is sitting in front of some rosewood, very similar to the last guitar that we just did a video on. And a very popular option in the nylon string world is going to be a cedar over rosewood combination. That's going to give you a very full, very rich sound, plenty of overtones. And the cedar is going to be a nice soft with this, easy to drive it, easy to get excited. The 12 fret body joint is pretty characteristic of most nylon string guitars and most traditional classical is, I should say. What we're going to also see on this guitar is a very nice set of open geared tuners to accentuate the slotted peg head and something that you aren't going to see on every guitar. Is this grained ivory buttons on here? I think this is a very nice touch and a nice way to class up the guitar without getting too crazy. And last but not least on here, we're going to see some wood binding. Now, if you're watching any of our other videos, you know that I really like wood binding. I think it's a classy upgrade that's a little bit different than either like a faux tortoiseshell or an I've right colored binding. I think this is going to blend into the body a little bit more and a little bit more of an understated look as opposed to a maybe a maple binding, which would really make everything pop and be very bright to look at. But nonetheless, we are going to see it right inside this binding. We've got a multilayer per filling not only on the top and back, but we're also going to see it on the sides as well. That's definitely something that takes a little bit more time, a little bit more effort, and usually the price of the guitar is going to reflect that extra time and effort that it takes to do these things. But I like to point these things out because sometimes there are questions about, oh, my gosh, why is that guitar so expensive? Well, a lot of it has to do with the amount of labor and the amount of handwork that's involved in getting these really ornate pieces to fit together in a eye catching and pleasing way. The other thing that I've found on most high end guitars is that the builders, when they're taking the time to build these high end guitars, a lot of the time and labor that's spent on on the building and construction of these instruments is really massaging all the braces and the top and back thicknesses so that you get a guitar that is not only going to hold up to the test of time, but also be very lively and musical and resonant. You'll find that this level of guitars, this Rodriguez classical guitar, as well as maybe the Estesso or any of the other high-end Cordoba Master Series guitars, are all going to be massaged just to that very fine line to where we have a very resonant musical instrument. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us here at the shop.