Martin Sinker Mahogany

It’s not every day that one’s childhood day dreams becomes a reality, but Martin Guitars is changing that! Martin has unearthed the youthful fantasy of finding hidden treasure in the Sinker Mahogany series. These guitars are made from genuine Mahogany of Belize which date from the European colonization of Central America. With the forests in Europe being cut bare, the plentiful growth in these new colonies offered a prosperous opportunity in the exportation industry. The European settlers transported the Mahogany along the rivers and as it happened, quite a few logs sank to the bottom, never making it across the Atlantic. The result? Beautifully preserved Mahogany from the 18th century! The sound of the Sinker Mahogany is unique! It takes everything that is good about Mahogany and amplifies it– it is a richer, fuller, and more robust experience of the exquisite wood! Here at Acoustic Vibes we have these Sinker Mahogany Guitars by Martin. Make an appointment with us to experience the treasure Martin has dug up for us! Check out our Instagram to see Phil feature the Sinker Mahogany guitars!