About the Martin Custom Shop Ambertone Dreadnought 1937 Aged at Acoustic Vibes Music [Guitar Demo and Review]


Welcome back to the channel. So what I'm going to show you today is an  authentic Series D 18 from Martin.  Please don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel. Thanks.

Just like we have previously seen from Martin, they offer these guitars either full gloss or aged like this one is we made a video  not too long ago about a 28 authentic, which is very similar. The difference between the 28 and 18s are going to be rosewood back and sides and eighteens are going to be mahogany back and sides  But what we're going to see on this guitar is everything up to spec 11  and authentic to this, to the specs that you'd see on a 37.  So not only is the neck profile going to be big, fat, chunky. we're also going to see a slot  through saddle with period correct string spacing on here. All the bracing on the inside is going to be the same as what you'd see on a 37. And then we're also going to see on this guitar like our that's aged as well as we're going to see some pre aging on here.

So not only is the fretboard rolled over and feel like an old, comfy guitar and old friend that you've had forever. We're also going to see aging on the on the saddle, the tuning pegs. The bridge pins a little bit on the guard and definitely a little bit on the top. They kind of make this look like it's already had some checking in there, 2 which is very nice. This is a killer sounding guitar. 

If you're into something that is going to be more of your old school flavor, more of your traditional flavor. This is definitely up your alley. However, this does have a very, very chunky neck, not for the not for the faint hearted.  I've also found that guitars that have bigger and fatter necks  generally tend to transfer tone a little bit better. That's just one man's opinion, but I do find that 31 there is lots of richness in guitars that do have a chunky neck on them.  The other thing that we're going to see on here is a very nice sunburst. Not too overstated.  Not too extreme. Nice fade going on and definitely in the old school vibe. so in addition to all of the parts that I was mentioning that look like  they've been aged and made to look like an older guitar , we're also going to see some nice Waverly tuners on here that are vintage looking as well.  However, brand new tuner works perfectly if you've got any questions on the guitars  that we're doing videos on, or if you've got any questions on this guitar in particular, don't hesitate to reach out to us here at the shop.  I've got contact info down below, as well as a direct link to this guitar.  Thanks for watching.