Larrivee Silver Oak OM-09 Special Edition


Today we are featuring the  Silver Oak Limited from Larrivee Guitars

So this guitar is the Silver Oak special Edition by Larrivee, A Very nice option, and it's based on the OM-09 model OM Orchestra size. The nine level is letting you know the trim level on this guitar. So what we're going to see here is a very nice piece of extremely blond looking spruce on here. And then on the back and sides, we have a very cool piece of oak. I hope this comes across on camera, but if it doesn't, be sure to check out the link below so you can see some high rise and high detailed photos of this very cool piece of wood on the back and sides here with a lot of figuring and a lot of citoyens that's going to catch the light and really grab your eye finishing out the body. We've got some very nice wood binding that you're also going to see on the neck as well. On the back. We've got some nicely engraved tuners which are going to match and go together with the the Headstock logo here. I think this is a very classy instrument that most people are going to be able to bond with nicely. So rounding out the front side of the guitar, we're going to have a piece of Ebony for the bridge as well as the fingerboard and a nice tortoise. Pickguard nothing too crazy on this guitar in terms of in terms of inlay, I think that the choice of abalone that they put on the rosette as well as the Headstock logo is going to mesh very nicely and give a little bit of class to the guitar. Something like this is going to be great for an all around player. Not only can you get away with fingerpicking, but this is also going to be a great guitar for strumming as well. Definitely a versatile guitar that you can get away with doing a lot of different styles. On if you've got any questions on this Silver Oak or any of the other guitars that we're doing product videos on. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us here at the shop. 480-656-7749