Larrivée Fine Craftsmanship Inlay

“In the late 1970’s, Larrivée was one of the first to explore the modern day creation of inlaid works on headstocks. Today, Wendy Larrivée continues to create striking works on a canvas quite different from most artists. 

Instantly recognizable to those familiar with our brand, Larrivée instruments have been a canvas for Wendy’s inlay artwork for more than 40 years.

From concept to sketch, inlay to engraving, Wendy is a master of an extraordinary craft. With each of her tiny masterpieces, fantasy becomes a stunning reality – elevating each guitar she touches to a whole other level” (1).

This here is the Larrivée Custom 000-40 All Mahogany Dancer Headstock Inlay, Presentation Fretboard Inlay. Check it out in store here! 

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