What's the Difference in Tonality Between Hard Wood Guitar Tops vs. Soft Wood


The two main categories of top woods on a guitar are soft woods like Spruce, Cedar, and Redwood, and Hard Woods, like Koa or Mahogany.  

Features of SOFT WOOD Tops

1. touch sensitive

2. Great for all around playing style

3. clarity and sparkle in the high end presence 

4. Easier to get more volume with less strumming power

Features of HARD WOOD Tops:

1. Bolder midrange power

2. Loss of shimmery high end presence

3. Needs more power to get the Top of the "Speaker" of the guitar excited

4. More Robust sound lose shimmery high end presence off the top 


Watch this Youtube video of Phil, here at Acoustic Vibes, show the difference in tonality

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