Guild F-512E ATB Sunburst 12 String Guitar Jumbo


If youre curious about the Guild F-512E ATB Sunburst 12 String, youre in the right place!

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Click our youtube video to watch the demo AND review of this guitar- The E in the title is telling us that it has some nice electronics on board. This guitar is equipped with a LR Baggs anthem system, which is going to be a very nice pickup for lots of different situations. It's going to feature an under saddle pickup as well as a microphone inside the box. Definitely a nice feature to add from Factory, but if you do have a guitar that doesn't have this pickup, we do stock them here and we can certainly install one for you. This is a guitar that we just recently got in and this is one of guild's more flagship guitars. This is their largest body size that they offer. The F sizes for jumbo on guild is going to definitely bring plenty of bass and bring the boom for somebody that wants to have a definitely a full sized and full sounding guitar. This particular model is offered with their sunburst option. I believe that they offer a natural, but I think the sunburst sounds sunburst is going to look quite nice and definitely a nice feature that's going to set your guitar aside from some of the other options out there. Got a very nice inlaid guild logo with Mother of Pearl on the Headstock. That way everybody will know what you are playing on the back and sides of this guitar. We're going to see a very nice, straight grained piece of rosewood on here. Definitely a nice piece that they picked for this guitar. Mahogany Neck. That's a laminate three piece. Definitely giving you some more structural rigidity on the neck. And while we're on the backside here, we've got some very nice open back and open gear. Gotoh Tuners. Very nice feature for a classic look on this guitar. This guitar has got also some other classic features, a very classy, multilayer white binding that you're going to see not only on the body but on the on the neck and on the headstock as well. This is going to be a great option for somebody that's looking for a 12 string and isn't afraid to be holding a big bodied guitar. I'm not a small guy. I'm about six foot. And we can see that this is definitely no joke to be slinging your arm over, but definitely a nice option if you're looking for a full size and full bodied sound. If you've got any questions on this particular guitar or any of the guitars that we're doing blogs on, please reach out to us at the shop at 480-656-7749 or visit the link for more guild guitars HERE