Gibson 50's J-45 Original with an Ebony Finish Demo and Review

Gibson Fifty's J-45 original is actually the model name that Gibson came up with, But it's a new guitar, so don't be confused! This is not a vintage guitar. This is actually a new model that Gibson makes in the style of the fifties. J-45 This particular one has an ebony finish, black finish all the way around, but it's Sitka Spruce Top and Mahogany Back and sides Rosewood Fretboard Rosewood Bridge with the classic upside down sort of design bridge that Gibson is known for. Usually you see the drop here on the other side. On other manufacturers. I think it's a great look. Also on this particular model, Gibson uses the vintage style tuners from the fifties. Typical of Gibson. It's got the what they call the haircut peg head. And this particular one has a gold leaf Gibson logo reminiscent of the fifties bone and Saddle, a very large pickguard. For those of you that like to heavily strum, it's got a built in pickup and all our bags pickups system with tone and volume and the sound whole. This particular model is I like it because it's got a great tone, Woody tone, a lot like a vintage Gibson J-45 would have, but it's not overpowering. So if you're a singer songwriter, it's a it's a good accompaniment. It doesn't overpower the voice. It really complements the voice very well. And also, if you're just going to strum it without singing. Got a lot of power. Got a lot of bottom end. Very woody sound and classic Gibson teller. If you're interested in this guitar, click here and browse our entire Gibson Collection here