Differences in Tonality When Using Different Guitar Back and Side Woods

The easiest way to change the tonality of a guitar is going to be changing the back and side woods. In this video, we show case 3 different back and side woods: Maple, Koa, and Rosewood.

Here are the highlights!


Maple Tonewood 

Maple has a quick attack and quick decay, very direct and bright, not many overtones, but articulate

Koa Tonewood 

Similar to mahogany in sound- It features a mid range focus, often described as dry and woody, not many overtones, and sits well in busy band mix. Easily blended without getting lost in the mix. 

Rosewood Tonewood 

"High-Fi" sound - typically has emphasis on lower end frequencies AND emphasis on higher end, which leaves a valley in sound where the human voice naturally fits in. It doesn't cause competition with the singing voice 

Watch here and listen to the differences!

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