Curious about the Furch Red D-LC SPA Dreadnought Guitar? Look No Further!

Say Hello to the Furch Red series D-LC SPA Dreadnought Guitar.

This Furch Dreadnought guitar is going to feature Alpine Spruce on the top here and a very nice piece of Cocobolo on the back. I think this is a great-looking guitar and definitely a unique option among some of the guitars that are available from Furch. Some of the notable things that we're going to see on this guitar is an LR Baggs stage pro anthem pickup is going to have plenty of adjustability readily accessible for you on the side of the guitar and really easy to replace battery option right on the side. So, no digging on the inside and taking the strings off to change your battery for the pickup. Some other notable features that we're going to see here are my absolute favorite tuners. These are the Gotoh 510s and these are going to feature a 1 to 21 ratio, which is very nice for very specific tuning and very fine tuning of the guitar. The other things that we're going to see that are going to really stand out are these side dot markers, which are actually little bit more pill-shaped and oval lies compared to a smaller dot inlay that would be there, I think is going to be a very nice option for being able to find your way around the fretboard. Definitely not going to get lost when you're looking at the fretboard like this. Nothing too crazy in terms of inlay on the guitar. We're going to see a very nice flower inlay here that's going to accentuate the beauty of this ziricoté that you're going to see on the fretboard and the bridge on this guitar. Other features that you're going to see on this are going to be some very nice wood binding. We've got KOA binding as well as on the rosette on this guitar. Nothing that's too overstated. I think it's a really beautiful guitar and definitely a great option for somebody that wants to have a nice, powerful instrument. The dreadnought size is going to feature plenty of bass response and get you plenty of power if you're trying to keep up with some other people. If you've got any questions on this Furch Dreadnought guitar or any of the other guitars that we're doing videos on, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here at the shop at 480-656-7749 or view the direct link to the guitar HERE