Bourgeois Banjo Killer Review and Demonstration

Bourgeois banjo killer- Lets talk about it!! Why should you have this in your guitar collection? This is a new model that we just got in from Bourgeois. If youre interested in hearing our demo and phils review of this guitar, just click the youtube video above. 

This is called the banjo killer. And this is going to be a powerhouse of a guitar that has plenty of volume and plenty of midrange. If you are in a bluegrass situation and maybe you're playing with a fiddle or a banjo player. This is going to have lots and lots of punch and lots of ring right up the midrange, which is really what we're looking for with a guitar like this. First, let's not ignore how much Bear Claw we have on the top of this guitar. I have seen a lot of Sitka and a lot of Spruce in the in the time that I've been working in this industry. But I have not seen another piece of spruce that has this much bear claw in it. Hopefully we can get that to transfer a little bit through the video. It's sometimes hard to capture some of this through video and through pictures, but trust me, this is an unbelievable piece of spruce on the top. Now, what we're also going to see is a very nice piece of mahogany on the back and sides. We're going to have plenty of finger going on here and a little less visual on the on the back. But still plenty to see in terms of the figurine is a beautiful piece of mahogany that they put on this guitar. I think it's a great instrument. Going back to the front, we're going to see that it's got a zircote bridge and fingerboard, which are a nice departure from either rosewood or ebony. Zircote is also going to be a pretty hard wood, so similar tonally to Ebony. On the top of the instrument, we've got the signature bourgeois shape that they offer on the bourgeois and a couple of their other models as well. But if we start moving on the back, we're going to see some nice open back Waverly Tuners with Ivoroid Buttons, which are a nice feature to make the the Headstock pop as well as when we start looking at the rest of the body with the rest of the ivory appointments on here, nothing too crazy in terms of the per fling. I think this is rather understated, but this is my style of guitar. I usually don't like a whole lot of bling or a whole lot of inlay. This would be a fantastic instrument for somebody who's looking for something like that. As we were saying before, this is this is definitely a powerhouse of an instrument. So if we were taking a look at some of the other videos that we've done with a slope shoulder, dreadnought, maybe the last one that we did with the RS model, this is actually a standard scale. So this is 25 and a half inches, plenty of snap, plenty of power. And like I said before, lots of mid range. So you're not going to get drowned out in a group setting where you might be trying to keep up with either a fiddle or a banjo player.