All about the Taylor GS Mini E Koa Limited- Review and Demo!

Taylor GS Mini E Koa Review & Demo

Hey, everyone, Phil at Acoustic Vibes Music here.

today, I'm going to show you
this limited edition guitar from Taylor.

This is a GS mini Koa Limited

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So today we're going to talk about this
limited offering from Taylor.

This is a GS mini e Koa.

And how this is a little bit different
than the than the normal GS mini
Koa offerings is that you're
seeing a spruce top on here
now, usually with the Spruce Top,
you'll either have an option with Taylor
to get either the supply back and sides
or the Rosewood back and sides .

And usually when you have a GS
mini, that's Koa,
you're going to see an all Koa guitar.
So Koa on the top when we go to a spruce
top compared to the Koa,
which is a hardwood,
you're going to get a little bit
more sparkle and a little bit more shimmer
out of this guitar and a little bit
more of a traditional guitar sound.
The E in the name is denoting
that this has electronics.
We have a number of these in stock,
a couple with electronics
and also a couple of without electronics.

Or we're going to also see on this is a
very nicely variegated fretboard.
Ebony usually will have this smokiness
going on in here
and these blond streaking
going on in here.
That's not indicative
of a lower quality piece of wood.

Actually, the majority
of ebony in the world
actually looks mainly like this
and has a lot of blond going on in there.

The GS Mini has a nice
short scale length.
This is going to be 23 and a half inches,
which is a little bit easier
under the fingers.

It's great for people with small hands
or beginners or kids,
but I also find that it's
one of the most comfortable guitars
to curl up on the couch with
because the body is not that big.
The scale lengths, not that long.
It's a very comfortable
and very easy guitar to play.
Since the GS Mini is such a short scale,
Taylor decides to put
a medium gauge on this,
and I've found that although you can put
a light set of strings on here,
the tension relationship really makes it
a very slinky feeling string.
And I find that these work the best
with the factory recommended 13 gauge.
What we'll see on this guitar
is we start flipping it over.

We already kind of mentioned
the pickup system,
but we'll take a look
at a very beautiful piece of Koa
and Koa can look
all sorts of different ways .
I've seen Koa with Sap Stripe,
I've seen Flamed Koa.
This is a nice striped piece and
very good representation
of what Koa looks like.

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