All About the Taylor 816CE Builders Edition- Review and Demonstration!


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For those of you who aren't familiar with the builder's edition guitars, these are as Taylor likes to call them, like the director's cut of of their Taylor line.

These are not modifiable. These are kind of the way they come from factory. So no special special orderor special custom options on here. These are kind of set
how they are designed.

So the builder's edition guitars are going to get a silent satin finish, which is a little bit less squeaky against your clothes and against your skin compared to a gloss finish. The Grand Symphony size, which this is, is a little bit bigger than their grand concert and grand auditorium size. This is geared more towards somebody who's a little bit more of a heavy strummer, and this guitar is actually Taylor's short scale length.

What we're really probably looking at and all kind of wondering about is this little port that's in here,so Taylor makes a nice little bevel
in here and actually opens up this area in order to get more
sound out of the guitar and a little bit more sound directed up at the player's face, which is very nice.

You can hear it, and it's a nice addition to this guitar. So the features on this guitar are going to be very similar to other guitars. In the 800 series, we're going to see a spruce top, rosewood back and sides. And it's also going to feature maple binding like the rest of the 800 series.

We've got a very nice looking Rosewood pick guard, Ebony Bridge and fingerboard. And last but not least on all of the deluxe models and then
on all of the builders edition guitars, we're going to see a go toe tuner.

Now they go toes on this guitar are taylor branded, so they are custom for tailor.
If I remember correctly, these are a one to 21 ratio, so even more precise than a standard 18 to one, which you can buy normally from.

This guitar is also equipped with the Taylor S2 system that eschews
a little bit of an upgrade from the S one and definitely a simpler system.
The S2 system is going to be more of a style or a take on the system.

The elements actually come up through the bridge and press against the
the back of the saddle. We're going to see normal controls like you'd see on most taylors.

There's going to be a volume treble and bass.
And when they are all pointed down,there's actually a notch
in the middle of the sweep. All pointed down is going to be flat,
not cutting or boosting. And then as we go clockwise from there,

I believe we can get a pretty decent amount of boost of all those frequencies.
Very nice system that's ready for the stage.