All about the Taylor 714 CE Limited Blackheart Sassafrass- Review and Demonstration

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So what I'm going to show you
today is a limited edition Taylor guitar.

This is a 714ce limited

and this has some very cool
sassafras back and sides.

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So this guitar is a bit of a limited
offering from Taylor,

they're only going to do
a certain amount of units on this guitar.

And what's very, very cool about this
instrument is the back inside woods

are a little bit of a departure from what
you'd normally see on a 700 series.

Normally you'd see a rosewood back
and sides over a spruce

top on a 700, but
this is going to get you sassafras.

There is some very cool color variation
in this guitar, and definitely

you're going to see that kind of variation
on many pieces of sassafras.

It's very similar
to the way that you might find Myrtle

being very, very not only flame,
but lots of different

colors and striations
and variation in the wood.

Aside from that, we're going to have
our normal 700 series appointments.

Very nice wood binding, standard scale
length in this grand auditorium.

This is a grand auditorium,
so this is going to be Taylor's most

most popular body size
among all of their line.

It's a little bit bigger than a standard
ohm size, but definitely

not as small as a double
or triple, though.

And this is going to be

a very comfortable guitar to play
and a very versatile guitar to play.

So not only can you get away
with some light finger picking,

but you can also have this be your
if you're strumming guitar as well.

Some other features
that we're going to see on this

guitar are going to be
the black chrome tuners,

which are a relatively new addition
for Taylor to offer on their guitars.

The e2 system, which is coming
standard on all of their guitars,

not only with a volume
bass and treble control,

but very nice black graphite nut,
as well as the V-Class

bracing on the inside a nice sonic engine
to get everything going.

We're also going to see some very cool
like rope pufling along the edge.

That's kind of a nice feature
that you're not going to see

on all of Taylor's guitars, but does
does come standard on the

on the 700 series
as I've seen them in the past.

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