All about the Taylor 414ce-R with V Class Bracing


This is a Taylor 414ce-R.. this is their grand auditorium body shape and it's going to feature Sitka Spruce Top Rosewood Back and sides, which is a very nice feature for this guitar. Normally you don't see Rosewood on the Taylor guitars until you start getting into the seven, eight and 900 series. But this is a much more affordable guitar that's going to allow you to get the tonality of those higher end guitars and the tonality of Rosewood as a whole. Taylor likes to call Rosewood the hi fi sound, so lots of top, lots of bottom and plenty of value room at the middle if you're going to be singing. So this is a great guitar for a singer songwriter or anybody looking for a very versatile guitar to play. We're going to see a very nice cutaway with some nice binding on here as well. Very traditional looking pickguard. Nothing too crazy in terms of inlay or bling on this guitar, but definitely a very versatile instrument and a nice, steady workhorse for somebody that's looking for that tonality out of these guitars without spending bucks, as we say , standard scale in the Grand Auditorium. And this is going to feature an ebony bridge and fingerboard as well as their expression two system. So the easy to system, if you're not familiar with it, is going to feature a boost and cut controls for volume, treble and bass, and features Taylor's own take on a piece of style pickups . So instead of having the pickup go underneath the saddle right here, it actually comes up through the bridge and presses against the backside, which is a very nice take on the piezo style pickup. Similar tonality is a regular piece of it. Definitely a little bit easier in terms of getting the saddle voice right and getting the correct output for all the strings compared to a regular on your saddle pickups. We're going to see some nice Taylor branded close back tuners on here very nice feature that comes on all their guitars and on the back. You're going to see a very nice mahogany neck that has Taylor's traditional system in terms of their neck joint. Now, if we haven't gone over the neck joint from Taylor before, this is a great feature and it makes my life a lot easier in terms of adjusting these guitars because their neck joint is infinitely adjustable to adjust neck patch over the entire life of the instrument. I think that these things are great, they're very serviceable and they've got a great sound, especially if you're going to be sitting in a busy band mix or you need to have an instrument that is a little bit clear voiced without too many overtones. I find that really basic guitars or guitars that have a lot of overtones are going to not necessarily sit in a bass and band mix. Well, that's where the Taylor comes in. I think it's a great guitar for doing job. This guitar is going to be awesome for anybody that wants to have a very versatile instrument, either for fingerstyle play or for strumming their grand auditorium. Body shape is a very comfortable one. You'll see this isn't a big dreadnought where I'm honking my my shoulder over the top and this is a very comfortable instrument to hold for several hours on it. If you've got any questions on this particular guitar or any of the guitars that we're doing videos on, I'm going to have direct links down below, not only to the shop but to this exact guitar.