All about the Martin D-28 1937 Custom Shop Expert with Demonstration and Review


Martin D-28 Authentic 1937 Guitar Demo & Review

Hey, everyone. Phil, here again at Acoustic Vibes Music

Today, I'm going to show you this Martin authentic D28, 1937 model.

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So what I'm holding in my hand
here is a Martin
D28 authentic 1937
part of the authentic series is what
Martin is doing through their custom shop,
and they're offering guitars
that are authentic in terms of the specs
and appointments to what you would see
on a guitar from that era.

So when Martin was doing this guitar,
they had a 1937 around.
For them to kind of base
this guitar off of that
is not only going to include
all of the all of the appointments,
like the binding, the perfect,
the wood combination, the brace sizing,
as well as the string spacing over here.
So you're going to see some very cool
things on this guitar.
This has got a pretty chunky neck
like you'd see on some pre-war models,
and all the aging on this guitar
is done at Factory
to make it look like an old guitar.
So we're going to see
very yellowed binding.
We're going to see aged bridge
pins, the bridge and the saddle itself
look aged. The nut is going to look aged,
as well as the tuners on the back.
Everything about this is going to be
looking like a very old guitar.

This is not only going to sound look,
but it's also going to feel
and play like an old guitar or something
that's got plenty of miles on it.
We're also going to see
this nice hand rubbed
finish on this guitar.
It's not super glossy
like a modern guitar, but
what it is going to do is going to
reinforce the fact that it does
look like an aged guitar.
The aging that these guys do at Factory,
you're going to see
a little bit of checking in the finish
to kind of simulate
the instrument going in and out of warm
and cold environments.
one of the coolest things
that we're starting to see on the Martin
authentic series
is the addition of a truss rod.

So in the in the past, Martin didn't
put truss rods in their guitars,
and we didn't really see truss rods
to be put in guitars
until the early to mid eighties.
This is a nice, modern feature
to a almost vintage style guitar,
and it certainly makes my life
a lot easier in terms of adjusting
the guitar and or servicing
the guitar later on down the line.

If you've got any questions
on some of these guitars
that we're talking about in here,
you can find the link to this guitar,
as well as the contact
info for the shop down below.
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