All about the GS Mini Koa PLUS- Review and Demo

Hey, everyone. Phil, here again,
that Acoustic Vibes Music

So what I'm going to show you
today is a Taylor GS mini Koa plus limited.

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So the guitar that I'm holding here
today is a GS mini Koa Plus-

the cooler part of this guitar
is telling you that it

not only has co-op top
but also has coal back inside the back

and sides on the GS minis are laminate
construction, but the top is all solid.

The GS mini is going to be a great guitar
for somebody that wants either something

that's nice and compact, either for travel
or for curling up on the couch.

With the other cool thing
that you're going to find on this guitar

is not only not only because it's

so compact and the scale is so short.

You can make these big stretches
really easily on the guitar.

So not only is that good for somebody
that wants to be able

to fly around the fretboard really easily,
but it's also going to be really nice

for either a new player
or those those of us with smaller hands.

The Co-op Plus is going to come
with a really nice

shaded edge burst that you're going to see
on some of Taylor's other models.

Not only is that going to be on the top,
but it's also on the back and sides.

Very nice feature
and a very nice addition to the pluses,

although this is appointed very similarly
to the to the other tailored GS minis,

the plus models are going to get you
their upgraded aero case,

and the aero case
is a little bit of an upgrade.

Not quite a hard case,
but it is substantially padded.

It's a very nice option,
a nice upgrade feature for these guitars.

Some of the other things
you're going to see on this is the

the S2 system, which is Taylor's
higher end models.

It doesn't normally come on the GTS Minis
unless it's one of the upgraded ones.

So this is going to have your
your full treble volume and bass

IQ, as well as the
the nine volt battery access in the back,

some nice chrome tailored tuners

and a very comfortable
neck profile to play so you can find this

guitar in the link below,
as well as our contact number and website.

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