Why you NEED the Breedlove Tigers Eye! A Unique Guitar.

This is Phil at acoustic vibes music
and what we're going to look at today
is this Breedlove pursuit exotic concerto.

This is all myrtle wood.
So this Breedlove concerto is
part of their their pursuit exotic series,
and although this guitar is made overseas,
still great construction from Breedlove.
What you're going to find on this
guitar is an all myrtle wood construction
top back and sides are all going to be
this very awesome looking murder wood.
You'll also see this is called
the Tiger iBurst.
I'm sure you can tell why
it looks a little bit like a tiger's eye.
one of the things that we're noticing
about this guitar
is that there is a grand variance in the
in the way that Myrtle can look.
So you'll notice on the top
there's a decent amount of flame
and wave going on in here, as well as this
natural figuring in the wood.

You'll see that on the back.
This is a lot of what we see
here in the shop is a little bit
more plain looking
and definitely a little bit more grained.
It isn't necessarily indicative
of a higher or lower
quality piece of wood,
but you will find that within myrtle.

Them within Myrtle itself is going to be
definitely plenty of variance
because this wood is native
to the Pacific Northwest and gets hammered
with really nasty weather.
It's a pretty robust wood and definitely
a unique tonal quality to it.
So one of the other things
that's kind of unique to this guitar
and you'll see on some other guitars
are going to be the metal inlaid
fretboard markers,
not only on the side of the fretboard
in the binding here,
but also on the fretboard themselves .
Nice to at the twelve, when we get bass
side ones going up to twelve
and then treble sides one's treble
side, Dot's past there.
It's kind of a cool feature
and you don't always see
metal inlaid into the guitar,
very nice faux tortoise
binding around the around the Fret board
and around the body
and rosette here as well.

Other features that you're going to
find on this guitar are very nice
Fishman Presets system,
and this is going to have
an onboard tuner, not only a phase switch,
but a contour switch.
And you can kind of change the IQ
of the of the output just a little bit.

Very nice guitar.

Very nice option
and very reasonably priced.
So you can find this guitar in the link
below and our contact number
and our website.
If you've got any questions,
please don't hesitate to reach out.