About the Collings D1A Adirondak and Spruce Top

Collings D1A 

the D1is going to be appointed
with mahogany back
inside its mahogany neck,
where you're going to get an ebony bridge
and fingerboard on this guitar
But what's a little bit different
about this guitar is in its name itsel
that a part in D 1
A is noting that this has
an Adirondack top on it.

Adirondack is going to be
a little bit brighter,
a little bit stiffer
compared to Sitka Spruce,
and it's also going to have
a little bit more head room and output.

If you're not familiar with the term head
room, it's essentially
how much output you're going to get
for how much input you're putting in.
So if I start really strumming
this guitar hard or aggressively,
you're going to get a little bit more
volume compared to a regular Sitka top.
Adirondack also tends to be a little bit
on the brighter side,
but will open up and mellow out
as you continue to play it.

I believe this guitar has a one in 1116
not with which is going to be nice
and comfy in terms
of holding onto the guitar.
And this also has the newer
Waverley style tuners,
and these have a much nicer gear ratio
for more precise tuning on this guitar.
This guitar I call almost
the exploding guitar
and almost all Collings guitars
I call the exploding guitar.
They have lots of overtones,
and when you start putting the power
in, the whole thing shakes.

I think these things are awesome.
Very full of overtones.
Very rich and bright and articulate sound.

If you've got any questions
about these guitars that we're showing you

or have any questions about this

particular guitar, don't hesitate
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