About the Bedell Seed to Song Custom Orchestra Port Orford Cedar and Myrtlewood

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So what I'm going to show you today is a
Bedell *custom* Seed to Song orchestra.

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So this guitar that I'm holding
here is a custom Bedell
seed to song orchestra that I actually had
the pleasure of going up to factory
in handpicking the woods for this guitar
with Tom Bedell himself.
So this body size is an orchestra model.

This is very similar to an OM size
by other manufacturers.
Little bit of a custom shape
and not exactly the same as OM
but very similar in size.
What we've got on this
guitar is a Port Orford cedar on the top
and a very cool piece
of myrtle on the back.

When I was up at Factory,
I picked a guitar up off the wall
that I thought just had a glorious sound.
And I said, What is that wood combination?
one of the one of the very helpful staff
members up there told me that it was Port
Orford cedar over myrtle.
And since then, I've been very excited
about this guitar
and that wood combination in general.

I actually went a little bit wild
when we were were choosing this guitar,
so there's multi layers of binding
and perfling on here.

Not only maple on the body,
but we're also going to have
a maple bound neck as well.
This guitar has a very nice straight
grain maple neck.
We'll see some open gear
go toe tuners in gold on the back side.
Nice, classy feature.
And then we'll also see
brass inlays for all of the
fretboard markers,
as well as the head stock logo on here.
I wanted to keep this a relatively simple
looking guitar without too much bling,
but also wanted to have all the really
nice features like double
layered wood binding.

We're going to find that myrtle on
the back and side has a very strong voice.
It's almost like a hybrid
between between rosewood and mahogany.
You're going to get the the highs
and the lows of Rosewood,
but you're also going to get plenty
of mid-range punch like mahogany does.

The cool thing about the top on this
guitar is although it looks
very blond like a piece of spruce,
it is actually cedar.
And Port Orford Cedar
generally has this nice wide grain
on here and does
get confused for Spruce pretty often.

But the Port Orford cedar, it's
going to be a much
softer wood than spruce,
so it's really easily excited.
And so this guitar
is very touch sensitive.

So like we've talked about
in other previous videos,
all of the Bedell guitars
and all of the American
made Breedlove guitars
get this sound optimization process.

So as we've discussed previously,
what Breedlove and Badel will do up
at Factory is ensure
that each one of these pockets inside
the bracing resonates
at the same frequency.
The end result with them
when the guitar is all fully assembled
is that you get a very balanced sound
across the entire frequency spectrum.

So great. Great guitar
for recording great guitar.

If you're looking for something
that has a nice, smooth
sound across the frequency spectrum,

if you've got any questions on this guitar
or any of the other guitars that we're
making videos on, don't hesitate
to reach out to us here at the shop.

I've got contact info down below,
as well as a direct link to this guitar.

Thanks for watching.