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Used Taylor K4 Equalizer – Guitar Preamp Rupert Neve Design With Mic Stand Mount

Yes, it's In Stock!
$725 USD
Serial No.K4000597

Includes Case and Optional Mic Stand Mount!  Hardly Used- Excellent

A whole new level of creative control for the acoustic-electric player:
The Taylor K-4 Equalizer features a parametric EQ voiced specifically for the acoustic guitar, along with a Q control for pinpoint tone shaping. The K-4 also features a custom circuit design by Mr. Rupert Neve, transformer-coupled input and output, and pure analog tone shaping. Plus, it serves as an active DI with effects loop and tuner out. Now, you can shape your guitar’s tone by zeroing in on the notes or frequencies of your choice and then cutting or boosting them to taste. With its balanced, transformer-coupled, low-impedance input and output, the Taylor K-4 Equalizer also allows you to add other equipment into the loop and still maintain signal integrity.

Parametric EQ voiced specifically for acoustic guitar
Q control for pinpoint tone shaping
Integrates perfectly with the Taylor Expression System
Transformer-coupled input and output
Pure analog tone shaping
Active DI
Phase reverse switch
Effects loop
Tuner out
Headphone jack
Allows use of outboard gear without compromising signal integrity