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Taylor 362CE 12 String V Class Shaded Edge Burst-Add a GS Mini for $99

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$2,199 USD
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Top Wood
Back/Side Wood
Scale Length
Fret to Body
Nut Width
Serial No.1110229086

Buy this 362CE you can get an acoustic GS Mini for $99, please contact us for details

Acoustic Vibes Music is an authorized Taylor Dealer/ Factory warranty included.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the instrument of your interest, please send us a message .

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Taylor’s Grand Concert 12-string guitars have been a revelation to players who’ve otherwise avoided 12-strings due to their traditionally bulkier size. In addition to the compact cutaway body, the 12-fret neck and 24-7/8-inch scale length translate into a physically inviting playing experience with a supremely comfortable hand feel. Sonically, the smaller body produces a more controlled 12-string voice that sits beautifully in a mix for recording applications. With the 362ce, a hardwood mahogany top (paired with blackwood back and sides) lends a bit of natural compression to the response, helping to create a balanced output across the tonal spectrum while still capturing the 12-string’s beautiful octave shimmer. Visually, the shaded edgeburst top and all-satin finish conjure a dusky vintage look. The guitar comes equipped with Taylor’s ES2 electronics and includes a deluxe hardshell case.