SOLD!! Martin D-28 Vintage 1953!! Brazilian Rosewood


Pickguard, Bridge, Bridge Plate and interior bracing all original. Two tight repaired cracks in the top  one under the high E Strings and one about 1.5" long at the lower bout-  Both solid and repaired-  Hard to see them. Replacement saddle and Kluson tuners that are appropriate to the originals. Neck reset and Fretwork  by Alan Perlman  Top is the Engelmann "Mystery Spruce"  that Martin used 1952/1953  on some guitars.   Brazilian Rosewood back and sides.  Easy playing Medum Low action  Perfect intonation  Minimal Fret wear.  Some finish checking on the top.  Probably has been refinished at some point but difficult to tell.

For $200 more a new Martin D-18 Authentic Case is available (Brown outside Pink lining)

Great tone!


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