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Bedell Seed to Song Parlor “Lucky Strike” Redwood and “The Tree” Mahogany

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$12,260 USD$9,999 USD
Top Wood
Back/Side Wood
Scale Length
Fret to Body
Nut Width
Serial No.919002

We hand selected two of the most coveted and legendary woods in the guitar building world: “Lucky Strike ” Redwood and mahogany from “The Tree”

Click here for more detail on “Lucky Strike”Redwood

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  • 1 11/16″ Nut
  • Short Scale

This guitar is one of the finest sounding instruments we have ever had in the shop.  It is truly one of a Kind!

About “The Tree ” mahogany used in this guitar:

The Honduran mahogany from The Tree has provided legendary tonewood for nearly 50 years; for centuries The Tree flourished in the Chiquibul jungle in Central  America. It spent its life sheltering flora and fauna alike and living harmoniously  in the mystical jungle among geckos, myna birds, and jaguars. When it was  discovered on the forest floor in 1965, it was estimated to have been 500 years old, putting seed germination nearly 30 years before Columbus landed in the Americas for the first time. Bedell Guitars has acquired some of the last available mahogany from The tree to grace the back and sides of this extraordinary instrument.

About the “Lucky Strike ” Redwood used in this guitar:

In recent history, only a few salvaged storm-downed redwoods have yielded such extraordinary and coveted tonewood that they warranted a name of their own. One such tree was named Lucky Strike in the 1990s by Alicia Carter, half of the husband-wife team who discovered this noble tree, fallen in Humboldt County, California. The name Lucky Strike is a reference to the legendary storm that may have uprooted the tree, but also to the fortune of finding a tree with unparalleled, uniform grain and density that provided some of the best soundboards imaginable.

Experts have studied the growth rings to determine the age of Lucky Strike, and while the age is difficult to pin down from the portion of the tree salvaged, examination suggests a minimum of 600 years of age, though it may be as old as 800 years old.