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Always Growing Stock:

At Acoustic Vibes Music, we are always bringing new guitars into our store for our customers to try out and buy. Both online and local customers benefit from our growing stock of the best acoustic guitars available. Whether you are interested in buying new or used, check in regularly to see updated stock listings available at our acoustic guitar shop.

On Order or On the Way:

Martin Custom Shop Dread Sinker Mahogany

McPherson Carbon Series Touring

Atkin “The 43″ Aged Finish

Ome Minstrel 12” Open Back Banjo

Martin 2 Tenor Uke

Cordoba 55FCE Thin Body Flamenco

Cervantes Master Model Elevated Freftboard

Lowden F35 12 Fret

Lowden GL-10 Walnut Top- Lollar Pickups

Weber Santiam F Style Mandolin

Martin D-18

Martin T1K Koa Uke

Martin OMC28E  LR Baggs anthem pickup

Used 1999 O32 Lowden

Cordoba 55FCE Negra Zircote Flamenco

Cordoba 45FCO Classical

Cordoba 45 Limited Striped Ebony

Cordoba C9 Classical

Guild D240

Guild D-55 Sunburst

Cordoba C7

Larrivee O-40Z Zebrano Parlor

Larrivee OM-40 Moon Spruce/ Mahogany

Larrivee 00-60 Flamed Romanian Maple / Moon Spruce

Larrivee LV10 Koa w/ Mermaid Headstock

Used Cevantes Rodriguez

Used Gibson J-15

Used 2015 Kenny Hill Crossover

Used Yamaha LL16D Dread

Cordoba C5 Cedar

Cordoba 21C Uke

Cordoba 21T Uke

Used Loar LH-350-VS archtop electric

Collings MT Mandolin Torrefied Spruce Top

K14CE Builders Edition V Class