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How do you like our redesigned site?

We are installing some new enhanced search features and other links to our social media so you can see what we are up to! We are updating our search database over the next several days so full functionality of the search criteria is not there yet but almost!

Winter NAMM 2015

Here’s a quick little snippet from this year’s Winter NAMM show – shot, edited and published by George Lowden Guitars. It was a great show this year! See if you can spot our Founder Jeff Looker being interviewed  with George?

Martin D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar

ONLY 100 Being made available World Wide-and we are the one of the few US dealers to get one- Pre Order today or it will be gone! In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Martin’s famous D-35, they are quite proud to introduce to all of us guitar geeks and fanatics the D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary Limited […]

Steve Kaufman Workshops and Concert 2015 – At our Shop!

ALMOST SOLD OUT! DON’T WAIT!! Guess who is back at our shop this January to put on couple of his famous workshops and a concert to boot? You guessed it! Steve Kaufman is a Three Time Winner of the National Flatpicking Championships. Steve has over 100 award winning instructional books, CDs and DVDs to his […]

Taylor Guitars Redesigned Maple 600 Series

Taylor has applied its latest tone-enhancing design strokes to the maple 600 Series. The result is a transformation of maple’s historically bright tone profile into a richer, warmer, more complex voice. Players who consider maple’s tone too bright or one-dimensional will be pleasantly surprised by the more musical, versatile nature of these next-generation maple guitars. […]

Player’s Choice Awards 2014: Guitar of the Year!

Martin, Taylor and Eastman were all voted to be winners in the 2014 Player’s Choice Awards – Guitar of The Year. Here at Acoustic Vibes we stock all three of those guitars as well as a hefty handful of the winning accessories and toys below – so give us a call! PLUS, Steve Kaufman (who […]

The Importance of Humidifying Wood Acoustic Instruments

The single most important thing you can do to protect your wood instruments is to learn about humidity control. Have you ever felt sharp fret ends or low, buzzing action on your acoustic guitar? If so, you may be experiencing the effects of low humidity. Every guitar is different. Finishes are different, woods are different, glue […]

Banjos Heads – Calf Skin or New Technology?

Banjos originated hundreds of years ago somewhere on the African continent. They were brought over to America in the 17th century along with the African slaves. These “banjars” as the African’s called them, were made up of animal skin (also known as “vellum”) tacked on to a hollowed half of a gourd with three or […]

Andy Powers and the New 800 Series Guitars – “LIGHT OF DAY”.

Taylor Guitars Master Luthier, Andy Powers, wrote and recorded a piece for six guitars to celebrate the redesigned rosewood/spruce 800 series. The piece was written to showcase six different models within the series. While all share fundamental tonal qualities, each body style features unique design nuances that accentuate the guitar’s sonic strengths. The song is […]

The Aged Tone Series by Bourgeois Guitars.

Bourgeois Guitars is proud to announce the Aged Tone Series, designed to capture some of the sound, look, feel and vibe of vintage guitars. A note from Dana Bourgeois :   “Aged Tone tops may be the most significant technological advance I’ve seen in decades, but these new guitars are about more than just the […]

Lowden Fan Fret Guitars (F35 Cuban Mahogany)

Have you ever been curious about the Lowden Fan Fret? Slanted frets…interesting, right? Watch the video linked HERE of George Lowden explaining the design of the Fan Fret and listen to the demos. Makes you went to pick one up!  

Taylor Guitars Road Show 2014

An evening of guitar demos with the Taylor factory staff and guitar makers! Test-drive the redesigned 800 Series and new T5z ! Rare and one-off Taylors will be available for sale You will be able to register to WIN a CUSTOM Taylor Guitar! We’ll have FREE TaylorWare gear and Anti-Rust Elixir Strings to give away! […]

Our Eastman Rep Steve flew down for a visit!

Here is Steve playing our Used Eastman Pagelli PG-1 Classic Finish Click here to see this awesome Archtop guitar!

Guild Factory Tour!

The Guild workshop, located in New Haven Ct., is a wonderful place. We were fortunate to be hosted there by Guild in May of this year. Premier Guitar has done a nice job putting together a detailed walk-through video of the facility. Guild Guitars are really a boutique handmade brand- many customers do not realize […]

The Good Guitar interviews Acoustic Vibes!

Dan Crapsi from the The Good guitar Blog  Did an interview with Acoustic Vibes Music President Jeff Looker about the shop and the guitars  we carry.  They did a wonderful job on the interview and video  and we appreciate them coming by  and  talking with us!  Their production company  does  great promo videos, so […]

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