Specs and Review of Taylor 324CE



This is a Taylor 324CE.
The three series from Taylor
usually is going to feature
Sapelle on the back and sides
and usually if you're going to see a
spruce top on here,
but the 324 is a little bit different,
you'll see that the middle number
is changed to a two instead of a one
one's on Taylor's are going to indicate
that the guitar is a six string
softwood, so you'll either
see a cedar or spruce top.
And then when we
start changing the top wood to a harder
wood like this tropical mahogany
on this guitar, the middle number
in the model number changes to a two.
This is ending in a four.
So anything ending in a four from Taylor
is going to be a grand auditorium, body
size, definitely a good all rounder.
We if we go much smaller with this body
size, you're going to suffer a little bit
on the bass response, but you'll gain
a little bit of touch sensitivity.
If we start going bigger than this,
you'll start gaining bass response,
but also you're going to have
a much bigger body to sling your arm over.
I think this body size is one of Taylor's
most popular body sizes.
It's one of their
most popular selling models as well,
and definitely a good all rounder.
If you're going to be doing
any sort of fingerstyle and
strumming playing, I think this would be
a great guitar to check out.
What we're also going to see a little bit
different on this 324 compared to
some three for teens is we're
also going to change the back inside Wood.
This is Tasmanian Blackwood
and definitely a nice feature.
It can be mistaken for sapele
and it can be mistaken for Mahogany.
It's got a very similar grain pattern,
a very similar color,
but this is Tasmanian
blackwood on the back and sides.
And if you've watched
any of our other videos,
I do a little bit of an explanation
showing how what you are going to lose
in touch sensitivity
and top end frequencies from a spruce top.
What you gain with the mahogany
top is a lot of mid-range power
and a lot of punch
and a lot of volume throw.
It does require that you play it
a little bit harder than a softwood top,
but definitely a nice guitar.
If you're looking
to get the power out there and maybe
looking for a different tonality
compared to your normal wood combinations.
When we're on the back of the guitar right
here, you'll also see
one of the new things that Taylor's
been doing recently, within the last year
or so, is offering black tuners
as well as I believe
they have chrome and black nickel options,
which is almost a cross.
Looks like a gunmetal chrome color.
Definitely a nice feature
to see on this guitar.
I think it really brings out
the rest of the vibe on this guitar
because you do have black
binding and black hardware
on the rest of the instrument.
Nothing too overstated in terms of inlay
or rosette style,
but I think that this is a great guitar,
not too overstated and definitely
a good workhorse of an instrument.