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Steve Martin & Edie Brickell Music Video “Won’t Go Back” with ML-1 Baritone Banjo by BÉLA FLECK

The day after Steve Martin purchased his ML-1 (Béla Fleck Baritone Banjo) he called Gold Tone to tell co creator Wayne Rogers that he was so inspired by this instrument that he had already written a song. A few months later it became the title track of Steve and Edie Brickell’s new album “So Familiar”The album comes out October 30th by Rounder Records.

Steve Martin, as you know, is an accomplished comedian. However, a lot of people do not fully realize that he is also a longtime and very accomplished banjo player. As of late, Steve Martin has been very involved in his musical efforts, particularly with his bluegrass band The Steep Canyon Rangers. This record album “So Familiar” is a follow up to a previous collaboration between Martin and Eddie Brickell on their 2013 debut “Love Has Come for You”.

“All my banjo playing friends agree, when you get a new banjo there’s always a new song in it waiting to be discovered,” says Martin of the genesis of “Won’t Go Back.” “I had just acquired a new baritone banjo — one that’s pitched lower than a regular banjo, and uses thicker, wound strings. I was introduced to it by Béla Fleck who spearheaded its invention. I picked it up and started noodling on it, and this banjo tune came out. I sent it off to Edie, and she worked her magic on it. ~ Steve Martin

“I took a long walk one morning listening to Steve’s banjo track playing on my phone and heard myself singing this song as I walked along,” Brickell recalls of writing the track. “I realized I was determined to leave behind a painful way of thinking and move on to better times. So grateful Steve’s banjo melody inspired me in this way.” ~ Edie Brickell

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Watch the video below or Learn more about the Gold Tone ML-1 Bela Fleck Baritone Banjo.